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20 January 2014
by pa-webgroup
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Manchester PA Endorses Participatory Democracy Resolution

The following motion was drafted by an Occupier in Manchester and was accepted by the Manchester Peoples Assembly and will be taken forward into the Peoples Assembly against Austerity National Conference on March 15th 2014.    MOTION TITLE: The People’s … Continue reading

8 January 2014
by pa-webgroup

October Call to Action

Reclaiming the Power The decision of the Occupy in London General Assembly to organise a mass action, an event for democracy in the vicinity of Parliament, has the potential to ignite a movement for democratic change in this country. The … Continue reading

10 August 2013
by Mark Barrett

Democracy Session at the London People’s Assembly against Austerity

Democracy and Decision-making – fixing our broken political system Interim Report from the Peoples Assembly against Austerity On 22 June 4,000 people gathered at the ‘People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ to discuss what action they could take against the state’s austerity programme. … Continue reading

2 January 2013
by pa-webgroup

News from Paris

(1) French link: Action au-delà des frontières :   (2) News in English On the 14th of november, we organised a little action during the demonstration then an assembly. We had technical pm with the sono that did not work so … Continue reading

20 December 2012
by pa-webgroup

Hungary – Mass Democracy Protests

Hungary : massive student (and not only student) protests here. Going on almost every day. Can you recognize the Spanish methodology?  Video: English   (real democracy now – occupy hungary)