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20 June 2013
by pa-webgroup
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Assemblies Emerging in Turkey

Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy By Jerome Roos On June 19, 2013 The protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state.   Something quite amazing is happening … Continue reading

4 September 2012
by Mark Barrett
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ENG / ESP / FR Assembly Statement Archive Invitation

[ENG]   Dear Occupiers and Friends   The People’s Assembly Network is a global network which strives to connect the worlds’ assemblies to support one another in our struggles and achievements.   We are aiming to collect statements, lists … Continue reading

5 August 2012
by Mark Barrett

THE ASSEMBLY FOR EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY Over the last two years the response of European elites to the economic and financial crisis has been marked by an aggressive centralisation of decision-making powers, without any attempt at constructing a transnational democratic space to legitimise these new … Continue reading

21 November 2011
by Mark Barrett

ESP / FR / ENG – Important New Assembly Email Platform

There are many global platforms for inter-assembly / international  communication but no channel purely dedicated to comment-free local people’s assembly endorsed ( ie official ) communication. Because we think it’s important we have one ‘noise free’ publically available assembly newswire, … Continue reading

7 October 2011
by Mark Barrett


WORLD POPULAR ASSEMBLY DAY (translations in EN, ESP, FR, NL, EO) More info and translations at Facebook:  #14Ja: World Day of popular assemblies  Since May 15, 2011 a movement unprecedented in form and substance challenges the”representative democracy”. This movement has … Continue reading