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29 April 2012
by #OccupyM1
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M1GS: The 4 Winds Explained

by OLA Web Team on Fri, 04/27/2012 – 12:43pm

The “4 Winds” is a tactic being employed in LA for #M1. The idea (similar to that penned by Greg Acuna in “Revolution American Style”) is to form a “converging star” of marches that meets in the center of … Continue reading

24 April 2012
by sunsetcollective
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Sunset Communique: Winter/Spring Update

This is the third communique from the Sunset Activist Collective.
Just as the sun is sure to rise the people will as well, and surely as the sun sets so will this racist capitalist system.
You haven’t heard from us lately because we’ve been busy.
Since… Continue reading

7 March 2012
by KellyWPatterson
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May Day Planning Links

This is kind of a quick post, but I wanted to get the links out as soon as possible for people that want to get involved. (Hopefully, there will be lots of people in that category.)
On Facebook:
Las Vegas May Day … Continue reading