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Global Platforms

1. Good international English language lists

- (all welcome)
- TTS Global English Language Virtual Meeting ( chat room )

Hub at Interoccupy: 

People’s Assemblies Network

Subscribe at: 


2. Occupy in the UK

Ning Social Network 

The social network organized by and for the movement in UK, but every one around the world is welcome to join

Occupy London:

LXS International:


The London Energy, Equity & Environment Working Group  .!forum/lsx-occupy-environment-group

3. Occupii #MeetOccupy and Round Table meetings
- English Language Weekly Voice Based (Mumble) Meetings Every Monday and Thursday 7pm UK time
Meeting Info:
Mumble Download Info:

How to connect:

4. Interoccupy from #OWS

-  Main Site: 
-  Sign up for announcements, inquiries:
-  GlobalNoise Hub at IO:  (not used since Oct.2012)

5. OccupyUS Google group

6. Other Occupy US based

The directory project

maling list:
(‘the inside face of Occupy New York’)
(‘the outside face of Occupy Wall Street’)
(‘technical tool, for open use by other occupy movements’)

And about weekly US-wide co-ordination webinars contact

7.  Peoples’ Assemblies-Only Posting – New Email List
A simple new list to provide noise-free info from assemblies worldwide. Anyone can subscribe and observe but only assemblies can post here. Full info in English, Spanish and French at:

Post at:
Subscribe at

8. PAN Newswire:

9. DRY International
DRY “Democracia Real Ya!” / Real Democracy Now! International Group
- Facebook Work Group at
- Virtual weekly meetings on an irregular basis ( Voice Based ) 6pm UK time on Mumble 15M Server (instructions and download the program here: )

10. The Global Square

Here is information regarding TGS:



Talk to the coders on irc: #globalsquare

12. Other Consensus Reaching Tools

The Federated General Assembly FGA Social and Semantic Network:

The Open Assembly the platform created to support the #NatGat 2012 in Philadelhia

13. Various Others

Occupy Together:

Say Occupy:

Unite the 99%:

14. Traductores/Translators: Translator Brigades: is our launching platform for being featured at -and also for continents that we have not reached out yet (please contribute if you can)


- Guerrilla translation:

15. #Yosoy132

16. Occupons Montreal

Since january 2012. Open source,  uses popular “Drupal” structured around autonomous workgroups (public and private groups). There is some sharing at the global level (ex: share events).

17. Emancipatory Education for All / ISM

Horizontal Drupal platform for global student / education  and wider struggles

[to update this page, if you think your platform/page should be here or to get more info about these spaces, please email]

18. Toolkits on occupation and decentralized media creation



  1. We need to agree on internal comms structure and get it up and running. Maybe we should start delegating responsibilites on a national level.

  2. The thing is that we have to shape a national movement. The success of the Spanish movement was that they galvanised the anger and indignation of the population, they offered a way to show the politicians how they felt and how to change it. They became the hope that lacked in the hearts of millions. We have a very similar problem to the Spanish and we must take a very similar solution. We must create a UK movement like the Spanish one. If we are to become a popular movement we must share a manifesto, a set of proposals, ideals and goals. We cannot continue to be so disconnected, we must all work together and unite into one coherent movement. If the assemblies make the decisions then we use them to shape the national movement.

    • Hi!
      My name is Angel, I’m a 37 y.o. member of the people’s assembly in Tetuán, Madrid.

      We are having big problems spreading the message, media does not cooperate, so make your main efforts on spreading the message. Demonstrating make you vulnerable, the turn it into terrorism, so, make it peacefully, sat-down on the streets and with no provocation, spread that message too!. : Check it out! it’s the M15′s social network on our own servers.
      But we have some awesome people in this movement.

      Go for it guys!
      Real Democracy Now !
      No More lies!
      Real EU Now!

  3. I agree we need internal (if you mean “comms between local assembly group reps”) comms structure, although we have to be very careful to just comm what assemblies say and not what we personally think. but for this why can’t we just have a central web hub where external comms people post assembly meeting details, draft agendas for others to respond to, local manifestos, draft national / international manifestos decisions, ideas, info, call outs etc ie one place where everyone knows where to look ? and then, alongside that a forum where everyone can post as individuals to discuss the movement way forward as we are doing here ?

    On your second post,I agree we need to think nationally. My view is that we should do this by preparing the ground – with a manifesto, etc etc as you suggest – for a national day of action on Oct 15th while also connecting with the social movements already in operation. The former needs a broad manifesto ( to bring in the general public) and the latter a more specific set of persuasions re the need to turn specific single issue causes ( eg anti-cuts ) into a broad based movement for real democracy in the form of a new political model. It mayne that the latter can make headway quicker than the former but I think we need to work on both and trust the work will be complementary.

  4. The national movement at the moment stands at a website, a Twitter page and facebook page. We have around 3000 supporters. This is a great base to build a national movement on. We ca now mould this movement as you say.

  5. I was thinking with internal responsibilities. More like the assemblies are the legislature and we create an executive to enact its decisions. So we might have teams in PR/External Comms, Internal Comms, Online etc. These people would carry out the decisions of the assemblies.

  6. Any member of the executive could be instantly recalled by anyone for any reason (providing they explain properly) to ensure it is democratic.

  7. maybe we should ask the assemblies to call a national assembly before the end of summer, and invite the widest possible groupings and then prepare a manifesto for the nat assembly to agree to and then use it – along with the international side of things – to mobilise locally everywhere in the UK for Oct 15th ? either that or we could ask them to agree to a national day of action, independent of the rest of the world stuff going on but again in the run up to and as a way of building for oct 15th. either way we have to consult with assemblies and get their full agreement. am not 100% sure about yr proposals re the executive as this sounds like a form of democratic centralisation which i am against. the assemblies are sovereign, the executive and all the “higher” levels can do must be delegated from the ground up so we are delegates not executives. but also we need to invite some others to participate in this discussion – i will invite virginia from london for starters. it’s def good to get the discussion going!

  8. A national day of action culminanting in a national assembly would be a good idea but what about all those you aren’t in London to have a say? If we focus it in London others all over the country may be left out of the decisions. . We definitley have to consult with assemblies and get their full agreement. You’re right it is centralisation which I’m opposed to as well actually. The people, so the assemblies are sovereign, I agree. But how to we get people to shape a national movement when all assemblies will have different ideas.

  9. Whatever happens we are going to need very, very good communication.

  10. Maybe each assembly has an area of the site where they post regular reports.

  11. The thing is we will need people to make a national movement. People to handle press enquiries, web design, social media etc. Anything concerning the local assemblies directly surely can be dealt with by local assemblies. But just like the assemblies were part of the democracia real ya movement in Spain, which had a shared website, list of proposals, FB page, Twitter, manifesto etc. We need a Real Democracy Now movement in the UK to do the same but someone will have to build it up.

  12. Yes but all roles and convening of bigger national meet ups need to be decided by the Assemblies in local / national encuentra. Maybe we should ask the local assemblies to convene a planning meeting, say in the midlands – in July ?

  13. Hmmm. The problem with one assembly is that wherever it is, many people who want to will not be able to attend.

    • yes but they can send ideas / proposals and also they can hold assemblies beforehand and send delegates to argue particular views. plus it can all be livestreamed, tweeted and responded to in real time by people around the country. meeting in person is important imv although we could also try a live group chat eg this one which can host 10s / hundreds at same time, no registration required and free: i’ve set up a 15M room we can arrange a time for a global (ie national) chat, say 3 days after j19 to discuss way forward ? site is here

  14. Sounds like a good idea then. If we make sure the views of those not present are still heard then that’s great.

  15. Three days after j19 is Wednesday then? The weekend would be better.

  16. hi everybody,

    i will comment very briefly as I am still traveling and with very limited access to internet (in fact I read through your comments very quickly and I might have misunderstood you, so apologies in advance if I have):

    - if you are suggesting that there is a ‘central’ assembly that coordinates the work of others across UK, I am not sure I agree with that. from the dynamics of assemblies based in Spain I am getting a senses that each assembly is building ‘expertises’ on different aspects, depending on what they feel they do better or can do better. thus sol endures to act as showcase of what’s going on everywhere, in every assembly, not as a coordinator. I don’t think setting up a central assembly is a good idea.

    - similarly if assemblies are sovereign each will produce its own manifesto, on its own time. in spain assembly do not share a single manifesto and, to my knowledge, there is not such a thing as a manifesto circulated for assemblies to suscribe to. if you read assemblies’ manifesto you’ll see they share much, but each reflects their unique perspective which is always situational (if that makes sense),

    - calling for assemblies to be held (and sustained), formed in a word, across UK sounds great. in my opinion, support can be offered but not coordination. it is also a great idea to support global calls for action such as 15th october and we have plenty of time to work towards that date.

    revolutionary hugs!

  17. all these revolutions in peace are orchestrated by us intelligence!!cia and facebook manipulation!! revolutions are not made in peace but with arms!!

    • sounds like paranoid conspiracy theory to me. the state fears our clever use of non-violence far more than they fear our violent acts, imo..

  18. - We were suggesting one ‘central’ planning assembly maybe on June 26th that lays the foundations for national coordination, cooperation and communication.

    - On the question of each assembly producing its own manifesto I can understand your point but still think maybe a single manifesto would give more cohesion and identity to the movement. Maybe a national manifesto could be agreed on and then each assembly creates a local one concerning local issues that reflects the current situation in that region?

    - I think we need to set up as many assemblies as possible. Maybe off the back of the J30 strikes. I do however believe it is very important that all the assemblies can come under one broad umbrella, be all part of one wide movement Without this I fear the assemblies could have a weakened identity and national cooperation and communication could be comprimised.

  19. I think we should create channels for all assemblies to shape a national movement. Have a central assembly website with sections for each assembly where every assembly posts its news, manifesto, views, plans etc. Then we can be a broad assembly movement, have more of a shared identity but can still retain the soverignty of independent assemblies. Each assembly needs to be independent but they all still need to be united. That’s not to say they need to conform to the ideas of any other assembly in any way, they just in my opinion need to share an identity, a movement to which they belong.

  20. at this point i just think we should set up a live chat at the end of this week, say thurs or fri eve to assess j19 and to prepare ourselves as 15M people in the UK for J30, and also i’d suggest to start discussing and planning next steps after that – this discussion can go over a lot of the points raised here but among a wider constituency. and build for a reasessment after j30. an online assembly is one way to get past the central / local dichotomy assuming everyone has plenty of notice of where / when, and web access so they can participate or ask someone to speak on their behalf. as we don’t actually have (yet) lots of assemblies across the country (although we do have ‘proto’ and quiet ones) the central / decentral point is in some ways quite academic at this stage. also we need to include the greek assembly movement now forming at the greek embassy :-)

    so my concrete proposal: we call for an online meeting on thurs 23rd or friday 24th june around 6.30pm at

  21. Yes I got your email :) I think Friday would make more sense.

  22. Do you know why you get a random name everytime? Any way you can change it?

  23. Bad news is that I’m leaving to Spain on the 27th, thats next Monday. So I can barely keep an eye on everything thats going on, and neither can our little Brighton group for the time being.

    Since we lifted the Camp we are trying to reorganise ourselves and create genuine assemblies that can gather as many people as possible. For the time being, it is just a bunch of us organising whatever we have to do. I’d love Brighton to be much more active in the national sphere, but I prefer giving ourselves time to organise and learn how assemblies work with the little help we can get, after that I am confident that people will gradually see some coherence and initiative in the local movement and will start joining in bigger numbers; and then we will be able to involve ourselves with more people rather than just London.

    Unfortunately, it is only me that holds regular contacts with London and the UK Coordinator Group (many say that their lack of English is the main impediment), that together with the fact that I’ve been doing pretty much a bit of everything in the last month has translated into a scenario where people are too dependant on me.
    Basically, I won’t be around anymore and RDN Brighton certainly needs some time to get things straight. I hope that when that happens, Brighton will also be able to actively engage in wider coordinating issues.

    Thanks, and best of luck,

  24. The agenda for the online assembly so far is as follows. Any additions or suggestions would be welcomed.

    > Preliminary
    > Who’s there, from where and how to use chat room
    > Main
    > (1) Appraisal of J19 in UK, Eire & elsewhere
    > (2) Broad brainstorming chat about how to build a bigger movement in UK/
    > (3) June 30th plans
    > (4) What’s happening or what we think should happen after J30, in lead up to
    > Oct 15th
    > (5) Internal communications
    > (6) External communications
    > (7) Web and creative teams
    > (8) Brief chat about on-line resources
    > Follow on
    > (9) Summary action points – referring back to local assemblies with and shared ideas and requests (from local assemblies) for strategic proposals. Review responsibilities of people decided in points 5,6 and 7.
    > (10) Decide date and time for next on-line meeting

    Areva India Bangalore 11 Embassy Classic Building, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Bhubneshwar 14th Forest Park Bhubaneswar, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Chandigarh, Sco 222-223, Sector 34-a, Chandigarh, 160022, India, ANTI NUCLEAR DEMO EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Delhi Devika Towers 6 Nehru Place, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Mumbai Narottam Morarji Marg, India, ANTI NUCLEAR DEMONSTRATION EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India Kolkata D-2 Subhas Road, India, ANTINUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva India, M G Road, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Poland, Strzegomska 23/27, 58-163 Swiebodzice, Polonia, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Turkey 320BarisMahallesi GuneyyanyolCaddesi Kocaeli Turquía +90 262 648 3300, ANTINUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm

    Areva Turkey Gaziosmanpasa Mh TahranCaddesi6 Ankara Turquía +90 312 466 4820, ANTI NUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm


    AREVA Finland, Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Finland, ANTINUCLEAR PROTEST EVERY MONDAY 6pm in front of Parlamento de Finlandia‎
    Mannerheimintie 30, 00102 EDUSKUNTA, Suomi Finland, Ph: 09 4321,‎

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  45. I propose that we use Open Atrium, an open-source workgroup-centered Drupal-based platform where each group is an autonomous group, with its own members, policies and tools set. Among the tools available are: blog, wiki, e-book, forum, projects, tasks, events, flags (ex: like), voting, etc. And, in my version, there are menus, blocs & pages to manage one’s multi-group activities. The events of each group can-be & are-usually shared with the global community, hereby creating a global agenda. Contact me for more info.

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