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You can read about  People’s  Assemblies here and contribute to the further development of the politics and economics of PAs at our declaration draft page. Also, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on Popular Assemblies which everyone who believes in a much better form of democracy than the prevailing model is encouraged to contribute to!

The 15M movement is – so far – relatively unified in certain organisational strategies, and an overall systemic critique. That said, it has understandably taken different forms in different cities across Spain and elsewhere in the world. And, with a growing direct democracy movement in Greece, directly inspired by the 15M the ideal is taking on a different character again, albeit with many organisational and political similarities. Read more on Greek story here.

(1) Find here an inspiring video in English about the movement.

(2) From Greece, an English language piece called “Democracy is Born in the Squares” is translated at Occupied London.

(3) From participants in the Barcelona 15M movement, here is a detailed (and, overall positive) critique of the movement from an anarchist perspective: CrimethInc.  About tensions between centralised / decentralised, ‘official’ / autonomous and pacifist / other - guaranteed to get people thinking !

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 IMPORTANT  the global platform to encourage clean, transparent and reliable communication (between Assemblies only, nationally and internationally) is being launched right now and it needs us to have it up and running for our actions in May.

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  1. Este hombre es muy claro y comparte plenamente nuestra sensibilidad !

  2. Everyone, we will be holding a people’s assembly outside of the California State University Board of Trustee’s meeting on July 12, 2011, from 8AM-3PM in Long Beach, California. Inspired by recent visits to Syntagma Square, Greece, and videos/blogs about Spain, we hope to hold an assembly that can find an alternative to the current Board of Trustees, most of whom are nothing but businesspeople– not educators.

    To attend, go to this address:

    California State University, Chancellor’s Office

    401 Golden Shore

    Long Beach, CA, 90802

    You can also e-mail me for further information or a possible ride. A caravan is leaving Sacramento, California on the evening of July 10 and can pick up people anywhere along the route.



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  4. La asamblea del Bo de la Conce (Madrid) recibe a la marcha indignada Nororiental

    • Democracy is dead.

      Bankers, Federal reserve, conglomerate corperations. All fund the goverment party who we vote for.
      It dont mater which party wins the vote. They still win.

      I think ,,, Boycotting the ballet box is are only hope.

    • Goverments Democacies around the world will fund a study to say,, The peoples carbom foot print is destoying the enviroment.
      Any study that says ” its the changing enviroment over time “,, they will & have discreated and wil not fund..They just want the carbon tax,,, from the people
      We the people pay through th nose, for clean burning cars, furnaces etc,,, but large conglomerates pollut the enviroment at will.
      I believe an independent study of the enviroment needs to be done,,, funded by the people for the people.

      PS.. I had a real hard time swollowing Al Gore story..

  5. housing in the USA

  6. Please, the data here where internal and no permission was given to show them in public pages, specially telephone numbers and so on.

  7. Hola
    Me fascinó la forma en que aborda sobre el tema.

    Seguiré regresando esta página

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