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24 August 2012
by Ternura
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Five considerations on the Alter Summit (Firenze 10+10)

 by Felipe Van Keirsbilck | CADTM Source   1. An enigma Why do political elites apply austerity measures that are  Socially destructive. These are the greatest social regressions since the war, and even the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe … Continue reading

21 November 2011
by Mark Barrett

ESP / FR / ENG – Important New Assembly Email Platform

There are many global platforms for inter-assembly / international  communication but no channel purely dedicated to comment-free local people’s assembly endorsed ( ie official ) communication. Because we think it’s important we have one ‘noise free’ publically available assembly newswire, … Continue reading

13 August 2011
by Corinna Lotz

Penny Cole: Challenge the Hate-Filled State

Challenge the Hate-Filled State The low level of debate at the emergency recall of Parliament underlines the yawning gulf between rulers and ruled, and the establishment’s poisonous hatred for working class youth. Prime Minister Cameron claimed the uprising on streets … Continue reading

9 July 2011
by Darren

Beyond party politics towards direct democratic engagement

There is a growing disillusionment with the representative democratic model of government. Across the world we often see power in the hands of a limited number of powerful political parties which swap power, promoting increasingly similar policies. With the increasing … Continue reading