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10 August 2013
by Mark Barrett

Monday Aug 12 – Zapatista Freedom School Starts

Ø  The Zapatista School to implement a language justice system -students will know how is it to live in the language of a conqueror through their simultaneous translation from a Mayan language into Spanish. Ø  Their government system to be against dogmatism: “What you … Continue reading

30 June 2012
by Mark Barrett
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#soy132 second manifesto Second manifiesto #YoSoy132: “We’d rather rally on than leave” one day before elections Reached by consensus on 10th June. Is the Second Manifesto # YoSoy132. And summarizes the birth, foundations and the Decalogue of a student movement that emerged … Continue reading

25 June 2012
by Ternura

Solidarity and support from the Virtual Assembly with the movement Solidaridad y apoyo de la AV con el movimiento “YOSOY132″ En México jóvenes y estudiantes de las universidades públicas y privadas han iniciado el movimiento YoSoy132 para manifestar su malestar e indignación por las condiciones de miseria, desigualdad, pobreza y violencia … Continue reading