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2 November 2013
by pa-webgroup

Alert on The US/EU Free Trade Agreement

Much of the content included here is taken with thanks from Occupy London.. Why should we be very concerned about the current US/EU Free Trade Agreement? The US/EU Bi-Lateral Trade Agreement talk on the 28th October 2013 with Linda Kaucher … Continue reading

10 August 2013
by Mark Barrett

Monday Aug 12 – Zapatista Freedom School Starts

Ø  The Zapatista School to implement a language justice system -students will know how is it to live in the language of a conqueror through their simultaneous translation from a Mayan language into Spanish. Ø  Their government system to be against dogmatism: “What you … Continue reading

7 February 2013
by pa-webgroup

International Students Movement Platform

Is the International Student Movement the future of global organizing? by Zachary Bell | February 6, 2013 On Nov. 14, 2012, tens of thousands of students flooded the streets of Montreal to express opposition to the proposed tuition hikes. Iain Brannigan, one of … Continue reading

23 January 2013
by pa-webgroup

Canada-Quebec-Indigenous Peoples’ Social Forum

Dear Friends You are cordially invite you to attend the General Assembly launching the Peoples’ Social Forum. That General assembly will take place in Ottawa on January 26th and 27th 2013  The new location is the University of Ottawa, 120 University, Faculty of Social Sciences … Continue reading

11 January 2013
by pa-webgroup

Idle No More: Indigenous Rights Global Protests for Indigenous Rights Idle No More activists hit the streets on December 21, 2012. (Flickr/Mary Kosta) Late last year, a movement named Idle No More sprung up in Canada and quickly spread across the continent in response to … Continue reading

11 December 2012
by Ternura

LET US END THE WAR! please help us by joining the dialogue

If governments do absolutely nothing to stop wars, mainly because war is the most rewarding industry of all, it is our duty as humankind to STOP all wars and live in PEACE.   You have an appointment 15 Dec 2012,  7pm CET … Continue reading