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11 December 2012
by Ternura

LET US END THE WAR! please help us by joining the dialogue

If governments do absolutely nothing to stop wars, mainly because war is the most rewarding industry of all, it is our duty as humankind to STOP all wars and live in PEACE.   You have an appointment 15 Dec 2012,  7pm CET … Continue reading

24 August 2012
by Ternura
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Five considerations on the Alter Summit (Firenze 10+10)

 by Felipe Van Keirsbilck | CADTM Source   1. An enigma Why do political elites apply austerity measures that are  Socially destructive. These are the greatest social regressions since the war, and even the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe … Continue reading

10 June 2012
by Mark Barrett

Good Commons Links / Resources

Please add more links in the comments section – Declaration by Hardt & Negri 2omin video David Bollier at OWS Making Worlds Conference, Feb 16-18 2012Gives an update to Occupy Wall Street on the zillions of International Commons developments … Continue reading

1 January 2012
by Mark Barrett
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Querid@s compañer@s, amig@s, indignad@s

Please forward it wide! ENG/ESP/GR ~~~~~~~~*****~~~~~~~ english: Dear comrades and friends, indignad@s, Invitation to action against capitalist crisis policy Since 2011, the crisis finally finds its echo in a variety of occupations and Assambleas worldwide: Tunis, Cairo, Madrid, Barcelona, … Continue reading

27 December 2011
by AnonReports

Violence in Tahrir, Solidarity from Madrid

Footage from the violent repression that has been endured by Egyptian protesters can be widely seen on the internet and social media. According to the independent news agency Democracy Now, violent clashes took place in Cairo between the army and … Continue reading

13 October 2011
by Mark Barrett

Oct 15 – List of Global Protest Groups

++++++ MAIN GLOBAL EVENT ++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++   ++++++ MAIN WEBS ++++++ +++++++++++++++++++   —————————————————–   GLOBAL ACTIONS:   Main web:   Democracia Real YA: MULTILINGUAL: MULTILINGUAL:   World Revolution for Real Democracy: ENGLISH: … Continue reading

31 August 2011
by Corinna Lotz

Chile joins year of ‘global indignation’

The political temperature continues to rise in Chile since last week’s killing of 16-year-old high school student Manuel Gutiérrez in the capital Santiago. The country, which is the world’s major producer of copper, has been viewed as a rock for … Continue reading