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27 September 2012
by pa-webgroup

From #25S to #29S – A Personal View

[and here is a film about #25S: ]   What’s up on September 29th?   Again, surround the Congress.   Why this date?   The idea was already in the back, 25th was tuesday, but 29th is saturday, Rajoy already … Continue reading

22 September 2012
by pa-webgroup
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25S Solidarity from Amsterdam

INFORMATIVE DEMONSTRATION ON THE CALLING OF “25S SURROUND THE PARLIAMENT” 19:00H, 25-09-2012, DAM SQUARE, AMSTERDAM  CONTEXT The collective “Plataforma En Pie” (Stand Up Platform) made a calling through social media to force a new constitutive process in Spain, under the … Continue reading

26 March 2012
by Ternura

Dutch protest against the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)-March 17th

Last Saturday 17th, our revilutionary comrades from The Netherlands  organized a Dutch protest against the ESM.    The protest and the political debate were be broadcasted on these locations:   People all over the EU were invited to … Continue reading