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18 May 2012
by Mark Barrett

Latest from Greece

See 19th May Occupy Athens Manifesto at Also short video about community organising at Eμείς (We) – Occupy Athens We gathered for the first time in May of 2011, under the Acropolis, motivated by the cause of real … Continue reading

24 July 2011
by pa-webgroup

Syntagma Assembly Press Release 24/7

#Syntagma press release on second EU ‘bailout’ agreement – #greekrevolution The Greek Government celebrates the results of the Summit, during which it simply signed, following the Troika orders (IMF, EU, ECB), the new “rescue” package, to a country which is … Continue reading

19 July 2011
by Mark Barrett

Syntagma People’s Assembly- Message to the Mayor

Greece: People’s Assembly of Syntagma Square responds to the Mayor of Athens News – 13/07/2011 After 45 days of its life, the People’s Assembly of Syntagma answers to the threats of  the Mayor of Athens Mr Kaminis for “evacuating” the … Continue reading

9 July 2011
by Darren

Beyond party politics towards direct democratic engagement

There is a growing disillusionment with the representative democratic model of government. Across the world we often see power in the hands of a limited number of powerful political parties which swap power, promoting increasingly similar policies. With the increasing … Continue reading