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12 January 2014
by pa-webgroup

African Asylum Seekers in Israel

Hi all, Don’t know if you’ve been following news from Israel in the past few weeks, but something historical is happening. 60,000 African asylum seekers (mostly from Eritrea and Sudan) have declared a general strike and are holding mass rallies in all major cities to protest the government’s … Continue reading

11 December 2012
by Ternura

LET US END THE WAR! please help us by joining the dialogue

If governments do absolutely nothing to stop wars, mainly because war is the most rewarding industry of all, it is our duty as humankind to STOP all wars and live in PEACE.   You have an appointment 15 Dec 2012,  7pm CET … Continue reading

1 June 2012
by Mark Barrett

Israeli and Palestinian Protests

1/6/12:   TONIGHT!! Taking Back the streets! In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Kiryat Shmona! 2/6 Saturday at 21:00 Tel Aviv: Habima Square, Jerusalem: Garden of the horse, at 20:00 Haifa: Meyerhoff Square at 20:30 Kiryat Shmona: Rasco Junction … Continue reading

28 August 2011
by pa-webgroup

Israeli Protests

13th October Tel Aviv: Skype: TLV_Revolution Twitter: @15oisrael @tlv_revolution Streaming: Google chat: Website: Kiryat Shmona: Streaming: Twitter: @k8_revolution Skype: gweinrot mail: website: There’s another team setting up streaming in Haifa.. One more day to … Continue reading