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(1) @hubmeeting2013 Barcelona September 13-15, 2013
(2) Global Comms Platform 27.6.13 and on
How we connect our struggles and create global change 
(3) Agora99 –  Autumn Rome Meeting 
(1) @hubmeeting2013 Barcelona September 13-15, 2013
Pre-Call to participation:
This year, in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil, the metropolitan strike has been used as a tool by the many people who are claiming new rights and a real democracy, reasserting its presence globally. We would like October 15, 2013 to be a territory inhabited and shared by many, constructed collectively, once the proposals to attack corruption and financial capitalism, not only symbolically, but also materially through specific practices, have been defined. We believe that this can only come about if the multiple networks, social movements and processes which in this common cycle of struggles are challenging the arrogance of financial power come together and discuss these issues. Thus, our proposal is to build, together, a meeting with working days to address the implementation of new forms of social protest in the week dedicated to the fight against debt and austerity of October 15. We would like to invite you to prepare these days with us, which will be the 4th edition of the Hub Meeting.
To work on the construction of the social strike for the week of October 15, 2013, where “social strike” means a generalized strike outside the traditional labor framework of the official trade unions, etc. 
The new paradigm of expropriation of the common wealth, based on the process of financialization of the economy and the limitation of access to knowledge/information, calls for new antagonistic forms and actions. The action must impact the flows and processes of the things that create value to affect the enemy. Blocking businesses, schools, universities, means of transport, etc. could be a starting point for the building of new institutions beyond the job market, for universal citizenship. 
Moreover, people living precariously, paperless migrants, pensioners, students, the unemployed, interns… are groups in themselves, and are precisely those most affected by the material conditions of existence, who cannot participate in the typical strikes. We must be able to think up inclusive and open forms of mobilization and action that promote empowerment and participation in them. 
This meeting will serve to organise actions that can be replicated in different places, and share mechanisms and methods to create actions, participate in them and spread them, taking into account the each territory’s specific characteristics. The aim is to construct a new kind of imagery to define new human, economic and social relationships that will help to transform the power relationships between governments, financial powers and society.
With love,
WHERE: Barcelona, La Dispersa 
WHEN: September 13-15, 2013
Twitter: @hubmeeting2013
website: coming soon
Last Hub Meeting 2013 statement:
(2) Global Comms Platform
How we connect our struggles and create global change
75-80 activists participated to the online forum held on 27 June 2013. 
You can find the minutes and the working document coming out of the forum here:
And here:
(3) Agora99 Autumn Rome Meeting
Following last monday’s meeting on the next Agora99: 
Minutes here (thanks vica!) 

It was agreed to write a common text to call for the agora, to be published on
We wrote a first draft, based on the old FAQs for the Madrid meeting: 
Here the pad: 

The dates proposed for the 2013 meeting in Rome are October 4-6(first weekend of october) or November 1-3 (first weekend of november). 

The deadline to close both the text and dates is mid-july.

Next mumble meeting (mid-july): 
proposed agenda:

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