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International day of support for #Rohingya Pepole – Jan 20th 2013


“We appeal all who have hearts and called for Human Rights to break the wall of silence . ..”

Activists are calling for peaceful demonstrations around the world in front of the Myanmar’s embassies to show our silent anger and peaceful support for the innocent people who are facing Genocide.

The latest burst of conflict started in June 2012, getting serious last October in Akaran 

Moreover, violence has been escalating for the past weeks.

Please help spreading, you will learn and find details about this long lasting conflict and updates here and also here

Twitter hashtags #Rohingya #BoycottBurma

Please follow and amplify the voice of @Aungaungsittwe , the only Rohingya from Burma on Twitter, who telephones the villages every day and tweets the news about their dreadful situation.

Worldwide solidarity with Rohingya,  Chin and Karen people who are victims of slavery and crimes against humanity in Burma.

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