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On the 14th of november, we organised a little action during the demonstration then an assembly. We had technical pm with the sono that did not work so it was not so simple, but it still took place. Some pictures here : 
There is also a video here :  It is a dialogue between a worker from the CGT (metalworking industry) and a young woman from the indignés / démocratie réelle. 
Here are the pictures of the 1st of december (demonstration + assembly at the end) #1D : . The demonstration was called by associations of unemployed people with the participation of trade unions, us and other groups. It was a nice demonstration but people were quite disappointed that there were not more people in the context of explosion of unemployment. One said also that there was not enough energy… We made an evaluation here On the international level, i don’t think we can say the internationalisation was a success, but there were still actions in some countries, and we now have a european facebook against precariousness with 700 people that can be used later… 
After the demonstration the working group met and we decided not to do new demonstrations for a while but rather more ground actions, like an open popular banquet, with free food (I think we’ll see if we organise also a gretiferia like occupy jura i really loved this action !) We decided also to support the idea of general estates on precarity and unemployment, hoping that we can make links with the big meeting planned in Notre-Dame-des-Landes in the next summer. 
Here is a documentary about Notre-Dame-des-Landes : There is a big festival there on 4-6 january. 
About the social situation in France, there is a strike in public sector that is planned on the 31st of january. Three trade unions are currently calling to it : CGT, Solidaires, FSU (not CFDT – which is the biggest trade union, UNSA etc.). In Solidaires (where I am) they proposed a common strike public + private sector but without success because the biggest trade unions at the interprofessionnal level currently do not want to go on strike. But things may change if the situation gets worse… Solidaires is a minority trade union that is mostly developped in the public sector (and it is supposed to be more democratic than other, and closer to social and antiglobalisaiton movements). 
I can see at the local level how some trade unionists see the things, there are different points of views. Some people say that a one-day strike in a specific sector is not enough, useless, and that we should not call to it because we should only call to a general and continuous strike. One say he was ashamed of France and asked if we were going to wait to be in the state of Greece. Other people say that it is very difficult to mobilise people for far more simple things, and they say that we need to build the general strike and it will take time. I proposed to try to europeanise the strike but without success, one reaction was that it is not possible in the current context of very low mobilisation in France and that we need first to build the movemenent in France. 
It is really amazing that the French are so sleeping today (no true social movement), in a context of explosion of unemployment, of lays off, precarity, austerity…  
There would be reasons for mobilisations… On 18 january it will be the 1st anniversary of the suicide of a collegue, a very involved activist of my trade union, for reasons related to work (pms with his manager)…  It was in january 2011. In 2010, on another collegue killed himself, he was the national leader of another trade union, SNU-TEFE (part of FSU). There were several national strikes after this suicides, to obtain the recognition that their origin were poor work conditions (management etc). Trade unions organised also a day of expression, in 2011, to allow workers to express grievances about labor (“doléances”). What workers said was gathered in 300 pages : In november 2012, they organised Estates General : (report in English). The motions adopted by the general assembly of workers are here: I would not say that the process was perfectly democratic, but it was different from the usual methods of mobilisations. 
Staff reductions continues. Recently our minister re-established numbered objectives (they had been adjourned last year when the so called leftist governement came to power). 
There are many more issues, about precarity, lays off… but this is the information I can give you about my sector. 
In march there will be an international meeting in paris of alternative trade unions :

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