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Sexual torture in Atenco, outstanding bill for President Peña Nieto


In 2006, 47 women were victims of violence and/or sexual torture on the hands of a police operation in Atenco that was ordered by the new president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto who was back then the Governor of State.
The photographer Liliana Zaragoza has made a photographic project with eleven out of those women tortured that have filed a suit at the American Court of Human Rights and with Cristina Valls (a woman from Catalonia in Spain), also a survivor of those abuses.
In the pictures of the project, victims hold the gaze as a form of resistance and response against claims from Peña Nieto, who simply replied in his own defense that these women are lying, because women who would be “really raped” would feel so ashamed of telling their stories that they would not press charges at all, therefore perpetrators would not have to respond for those offences.
The complete report by Periodismo Humano here:
“The events in Atenco made it very clear the government’s firm determination to respect the rights of the citizenry of Mexico, when these got affected by particular interests I took the decision to use force to restore public order and peace.” words of Enrique Peña Nieto in 2006.
The article is in Spanish, you can use to read the whole story.

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