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LET US END THE WAR! please help us by joining the dialogue


If governments do absolutely nothing to stop wars, mainly because war is the most rewarding industry of all, it is our duty as humankind to STOP all wars and live in PEACE.
You have an appointment 15 Dec 2012,  7pm CET time (Central Europe) 
6pm GMT (UK,….) 8pm IST (Palestine,…..)
for other locations please use the time zone converter:

What is this? 
A meeting to bring together people from all over the world (Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iran, …..) to co-ordinate the possibility of a grassroots transnational network to bring wars and occupations to an end, inform about actions and campaigns in different countries, look for alternatives, etc.
Our agenda pad: please contribute adding material and resources
PLEASE also contribute by sending this invitation to any person who lives in the middle east and could be interested in taking part of this dialogue
Please also share the link to our “EndTheViolence” FB page 
in order to get updates, as this will not be the only meeting, this is only the beginning.

How to connect and participate:
Mumble is a voice chat Open Source software
It works similar to skype but is not a corporate tool.
How to download-install-connect step by step:  
Same Instructions in a video:
Label : Occupii
Server : (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
Nickname: Your name/nick_country
Channel (meeting room): Roundtables and Assemblies > OPEN SPACE
Once you have downloaded and installed the program in your PC/laptop , if you register at, you will be able to get in simply by pasting the following chain in your browser (take off the stars!!):
If you are not familiar with Mumble, please try to test it before the meeting starts. We’ll be waiting to help you go through the settings.
For any more comments and questions, critiques, etc, please email


The International Network of Occupy/Indignados/Indignés/OWS/15M

Take the Square
and yourself of course!

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