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London Students organizing for “student syndicalism” via general assemblies


Organize2013 is a non-partisan UK-based initiative. Our primary goal is fostering the idea of general assemblies at the department or faculty level on university campuses across the UK.
Students at four universities in London are organising General Assemblies in their departments in an attempt to foster direct democracy on campus.

Students in key departments at SOAS are planning to organise GAs prior to the November 21 National Union of Students demonstration.

This will be a real struggle as time is limited and students will be away on reading week at SOAS starting November 5.

Students in philosophy at Birkbeck and Kingston, and anthropology students at the University of East London are also planning GAs in their departments in the weeks ahead.

A small meeting was held at SOAS on Nov. 1 to discuss departmental GAs (Click HERE to download Power Point presentation made). One person attending the meeting pointed out the clear gender imbalance in the room, stressing the need for feminist critique within the student movement.

The 17 people attending the meeting agreed that another meeting will not be organised until a floor of five successful departmental or faculty GAs take place in the UK.

Do not forget the Education Activist Network (EAN) open organising meeting on Wednesday, November 7. Details HERE (facebook).

People in the UK are also mobilising for solidarity actions with the European General Strike taking place on November 14 (Twitter: #14N). Event page HERE (facebook).

SOAS students will start to hear talk about General Assemblies in the economics, development and politics departments before the November 21 National Union of Students demonstration.
The idea of departmental General Assemblies is to foster direct democracy on campus. This means that people can participate directly in decision-making in their departments on issues of education and broader national or global concerns. You are able to raise issues that directly concern you, and to openly discuss them will people in your department.
SOAS students are preparing GAs in the departments of economics, development, politics, history, China and Inner Asia, South Asian Studies, Anthropology.
Good GAs require active participation and high turnout! Interested in organising a GA in your department?
1) Please send an email expressing your interest in participating in your department, or to learn more. Email:
2) Keep updated on Facebook by liking the Organise2013 page HERE.
3) Learn more about departmental General Assemblies here:
   For more details:

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