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An Assembly to shape new Agreement of the People – this Saturday


In 1647, during the English Revolution, the Levellers set out an Agreement of the People because relations between the people, parliament and the monarchy had broken down.

In 2012, the relationship between the state, corporations and ordinary people has broken down in an irretrievable way.

That is why seven organisations* are supporting The Revolution Will Be Networked event on November 17 at Waterloo Action Centre to develop a new Agreement of the People, a people’s constitution.

Inspired by historic conventions, declarations and constitutions, working groups will collectively map out and network ideas and proposals to re-shape and improve the Agreement published as a working draft.

The event will be live-streamed and those attending will have access to Wi-Fi and laptops to help with their deliberations.

We want the Assembly to be the start of an ongoing project to create online platforms as well as conventions around the country to test out and develop a constitution for the 21st century.

Poets Bro’s Grim, Adnan al-Sayegh and Cristina Viti will enhance our deliberations and lift the event from the prosaic to the poetic and provide an international dimension.

*Supported by: A World to Win, People’s Republic of Southwark, People’s Assemblies Network, National Community Activists Network, Rotherham Against the Cuts, Real Democracy working group of Occupy London, National Coalition for Independent Action

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