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Hundreds of activists from different social movements, coming from more than 20 countries from Europe and other continents, gathered in Madrid during the weekend of November 1st to 4th. They came for the Agora99% grassroots meeting, to work and find shared agreements on three axes: debt, democracy and rights. Agora99%’s clear objective was to find a common plan, coordinating actions and strategies against the shock politic imposed by UE.

The 20 workshops, distributed into these 3 axes, and the numerous assemblies took place in different squats and self-managed social centres around the city. It was a very intensive meeting that gave good results, showing the urgence of a European constitutional process following the destitutional process already taking place.

The workshops discussed about: civilian disobedience; direct democracy; basic income in Europe; housing rights; net-democracy and distributed democracy; waters and commons; justice in time of crisis; university, knowledge and debt, among others. Almost all the workshops, assemblies and talks were streamed by peoplewitness streamers ( ) and tomalatele ( ) having hundreds of followers watching and interacting during the broadcasts. The videos are still on-line in agora99′s website ( )

Saturday afternoon the 3 axes tried to prepare specific proposals to share at the Sunday general and conclusive assembly. Not an easy job indeed. However, global calls, proposals, strategies and actions are already starting to take shape.

Finally on Sunday the General Assembly took place in the famous Sol square during 6 hours, where the 3 participating axis shared their conclusions, even if no final decision had been taken.

All the multicultural groups are still working at this very moment on shared documents and local assemblies to carry forward the revolution.


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re-published from BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 32

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