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UPdates on #GlobalNoise! Global day of potbanging protest on October 13


About #GlobalNoise that took place on #13O we are in the middle of a GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTIONS

Please send in your #GlobalNoise reports to:  please let us know how the #13O went in your city and share these updates

PLEASE join the evaluation meeting on friday 19 october via mumble, instructions to connect here

Next meeting of the International Network

What is #GlobalNoise?

How can we help?

Who is in?

Get involved using social media!!

Or contact us directly via email at

Some nice posters and other artwork in our #GN mosaic

The youtube play list of promotion videos

#GlobalNoise #OWS #Occupy week of GLOBAL protest officially on #12O #ok13Global

 All the info at IO:

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