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November 17 event – The Revolution Will Be Networked – Agreement of the People 2012

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You are invited to come to an assembly at the Waterloo Action Centre, London Waterloo.

In 1647, during the English Revolution, the Levellers set out an Agreement of the People because relations between the people, parliament and the monarchy had broken down.

In 2012, the relationship between the state, corporations and the people has again broken down in an irretrievable way. A new Agreement of the People is needed. A people’s constitution.

With this in mind, five organisations are supporting The Revolution Will Be Networked event on November 17 at Waterloo Action Centre.

On the day an assembly of working groups will map out and network ideas and proposals collectively to re-shape and improve the Agreement that is published here as a working draft.

The aim is to produce a new document that can then go out to the sponsoring groups – A World to Win, The People’s Republic of Southwark, National Community Activists Network, Rotherham Against The Cuts and Peoples Assemblies Network – and other organisations and individuals.

Bro.’s Grim, Adnan al-Sayegh plus poet-translator Cristina Viti will enhance the deliberations by lifting the event from the prosaic to the poetic and provide an international dimension.

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  1. I am afraid that the first “Agreement of the People” of 1647 – the one debated in Putney Church – has recently been shown by Philip Baker and Elliot Vernon in The English Historical Review not to have been a Leveller document at all but one produced by a group of London radicals centred around the M.P., Henry Marten.

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