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Marinaleda Spain / ‘Even the Weekly Assembly is Direct Action’

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interview with mr gordillo

real news on marinaleda 4th sept

guardian 31 aug

15 aug (adapted from Utopia and the Valley of Tears: A journey through the Spanish crisis )


Activist pics from Marinaleda:

Activist comments on hypermarket food liberation and general political situation in Spain:

“Yesterday it was reported that the group Plataforma Afectados por la Hipoteca, has emulated the tactic used by SAT (Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores),  of relieving hypermarkets of food stuffs and donating them to food banks.


This would clearly indicate along with the other dire news that is emerging from Spain that the crisis is growing more acute.

Today’s lede headlines detail the gap in unemployment payments that the government was not counting on due to the faulty calculation that unemployment would drop this past month… additionally those who lost their jobs were older employees entitled to greater unemployment benefits – more money paid out and longer periods to claim benefits. Another shocking recent news item was statistical: one in three families can not afford to buy textbooks!

For those of us abroad, these and other unsustainable realities make Spain a place to watch even more intently. ‘

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