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Netherlands Refugee Protest Camp


quick translation of the latest news from The Hague:

Refugees start another protest camp in the Netherlands

After the tent camps in Ter Apel, Den Bosch, Zwolle and Sellingen on    thursday a tent camp built by a group of rejected asylum refugees on    the Koekamp in The Hague.     “We are lawless. We want a humane immigration policy, and our right    to be human! “

The municipality of The Hague, known for ignoring the right to    demonstrate, banned the permanent placement of tents. A lawsuit was    filed on wednesday to claim that staying overnight is part of the    protest. This shows precisely the situation the refugees live    through.

 The protesters have won the lawsuit partially. They can stay during    the night! The municipality still claims that the tents should not    be closed. For now the demonstrators use so-called party tents, but    a new lawsuit about the type of tents is sceduled for next monday…

 Everyone is invited to join the protest at the Koekamp (next to the    main railway station). Over 30 people are living in the camp,    supported by different migrant solidarity groups. 

Today there was an action organized from the camp during the    installation of the new parliament. Further protests are planned for    friday 15:00 h (against the Return and Departure Office) and on    saturday: a march into the center of The Hague, starting 13:00 h.

 ”We do not ask much. Only a life that we could call a life. No one    is illegal! We want our human right!”
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