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Minutes of the INT`L Network Planing Meeting on Aug 18th

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Link to the full text or

Highlights are that October 13th is so far the date for the Global day of action ratified by Paris, London, Madrid, Melbourne and some organizations in Barcelona amongst others. Next week people in the US attending the MidWest conference will be getting this news as well.

Our upcoming meetings are listed here our next meeting (on sept 8th) ideally will be focused on slogans, banners, a centralized web page (like 15O in 2011) and all media requirements to succeed 
October is by far the only event that ‘occupies’ our attention, there is a list of  international calls (for actions and summits), it goes long until March 2012!! please have a look at and feel free to add the ones that you consider relevant (of global interest), just  email with your contributions.

 We take the opportunity to remind you about the ISM meeting on Aug 26th towards the Global Education strike at 4pm UTC
the call to this action (please share, spread and attend)

And another online meeting on Aug 27 at 11am (UTC) – dedicated to tailor  the agenda in Milan (For Florence 10+10). Please, confirm your presence emailing and they will send you additional information on how to participate (via skype).

Proposals for Milan/Florence from the movement are being logged in this pad please add yours (whenever possible endorsed by your WG or assembly, specially of you are not planning to travel to Firenze)
If you have a quesry about any specific point in this post please email

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