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16/7/12 22:05 BST

‘..from what i can see in the press outside of spain, the coverage is very inaccurate, the ideas of unity that are spreading throught spain right now are not communicated. 

 At the same time, we are winning what we call the 0 hour coverage – when actions are actually taking places our brave livestreamers are bringing the information directly to the people.  over the last week bambusers coming out of madrid barcelona, zaragoza, valencia added up 100s of thouthands of views, while the spanishrev channel had 60k viewers n the 13th and averaged about 15k people every day since then. ’

16/7/12 22:00 BST

‘As an update I saw firefighters hitting the fences that the police used to protect the government buildings. There are policemen protesting too, they said they will continue working but they won’t put fines or arrest people while the situation doesn’t change.

 Others have been wearing black clothes to work since some months ago, now they call to continue this protest.

Finally there’s a public servants strike announced, I can’t find the date, it’s possible that there’s still no date. Finally, the unions are talking about a general strike on september if there’s no referendum about the new austerity measures.’


“as far as I know the public servants have been called by the unions to go protest. They did it because their salaries are being lowed. Specially the ones working on the government building who are blocking the official cars for example.

Yesterday they set a camp in the Congress of Deputies (kinda House of Representatives) where they work. They do not talk as they’re on the movement but they use the same methodology and slogans. I like it this way, as an open peaceful way of struggle that the people can use.

The people is supporting them and the street cuts and spontaneous demonstrations are going on every day among other fights.

This is so good because in this protests there is normal people organizing, not the ones originally from the movement. The movement is supporting them of course and this is increasing the protests.

Some people called for an occupation of the Congress of Deputies on september 25. To stay there until there’s a new constitution, a democratic one.
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