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Paraguay Protests Take the Square

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Interesting: social movements took the square:
“On Thursday, social movements called for mass mobilization in front of the Congress. Thursday night, 2000 people slept in the square in front of the Congress and people from all over the country started arriving in Asuncion. In several parts of the country, peasant organizations blocked roads.”

And the conclusion:
“International solidarity can play a crucial role in the defense of Human Rights of the popular sectors in Paraguay. We call on all social organizations to be on alert to the situation in this country.”

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  1. I’m from Brazil and I’m voicing the resistence of paraguayan people to this heinous coup. Ousting a president in 30 hours, giving his lawyers not more than 2 hours to defend him, while he’s abroad representing the nation in a meeting is a heinous coup. Swearing a new president and a new cabinet while the people are on the streets complaining and protesting about the coup is also vile. Their channel is:
    There you can see the pictures and the oppinions of paraguayan people about what’s going on in their country. No calm, no acceptance … paraguay resiste!

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