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We, members of the Occupy movement and civil society, highlight the critical window of opportunity at the Earth Summit to vastly scale up political, financial & public response to the environmental, social & economic crisis of our time, & to raise ambition to the level that science demands. We are exceeding 3 of 9 planetary boundaries  (climate change; biodiversity loss; changes to the nitrogen cycle) and our economy has outgrown the ecosystems we depend on. We denounce debt-created money and demand urgent regulation for a steady-state economy. We vow to respect and protect the beauty and diversity of life on Earth, realising our interconnectedness with nature. Governments, corporations and financial institutions must wake up and dramatically prioritise people & the planet over abusive exploitation for short-term profit & “growth”.

In defence of our rights, freedoms & future, we call for:

1. A direct participatory democratic UN: inclusive rights-based global decision-making; open-source communications. Prioritise youth, women, marginalised voices & civil society formally in negotiations.

2. Ending corporate capture* of the UN: end compromising partnerships & transfer of officials. Exclude business lobbyists from talks. Expose & prohibit the bullying & bribing✝ of poor nations by rich nations.

3. Realisation of new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by increased cooperation, commitment, funding & resources, strengthening the Millennium Goals (MDGs) & cancelling unjust poor country debt.

4. Peace & demilitarization, democratising the UN Security Council, a binding global arms treaty, SDG on peace & conflict, nuclear disarmament by 2030 & transfer funds to local sustainable development.

5. A Financial Transaction Tax, abolition of tax havens & a Global Carbon Fee on extraction of fuels, to transparently & equitably fund life-saving adaptation solutions, prioritising resilience & climate justice.

6. Ending fossil fuel subsidies now & extraction by 2020. Invest in non-nuclear Renewable Energy for All: global wind/solar/small-hydro/geo-energy; efficient stoves; zero carbon global electricity by 2030.

7. Outlawing Ecocide as the 5th International Crime Against Peace: prosecute destruction of ecosystems e.g. tar sands, oil spills, mountaintop removal, fracking. Protect the commons & Rights of Mother Earth.

8. Zero deforestation of Amazon rainforest by 2015 & globally by 2020‡. Rejection of pricing & trading nature, including forests, water & the atmosphere; and rejection of offsetting damage/destruction.

9. Food & water sovereignty & security. Ban land grabs. Protect Indigenous peoples’ land rights. Switch support for biofuels & industrial, chemical & GM agriculture to small organic farming & permaculture.

10. Indicators beyond GDP: measure wellbeing, participation, environmental health, socio-economic equity, gender equality, employment, provision for needs/services, protection of rights, & peace.

This is what democracy looks like. This is Harmony with Nature. This is the Future We Need for a just, resilient, thriving world. Join Global Days of Action on June 5th & 20th to raise our voice to challenge & bring hope to Rio+20.

* ’Reclaim the UN from Corporate Capture!’ (Civil Society Statement) ✝ ‘The End Game at Durban?’ (WDM) ‡ ‘Driving Destruction in the Amazon’ (Greenpeace)



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  3. we can occupy

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  5. This is beautiful, is in step with Occupy agenda and guidelines.will be sharing this as much as possible! In solidarity, peace, love and namaste from San Antonio, Texas!

  6. OcupaRio Reunion 11/06, deliberations

    On monday (11/06) meeting was present a good number of people, inclusive from other occupies from Brasil and around the world [Wellcome to everybody!! ]
    We related what has gone on in past reunions and activities and defined together next moves.

    As a security measure we decided, after a good discussion, that the final camping place we’ll not be revealed till the day of the action and what is going to be divulgated are only meeting points were to concentrate.

    After this the working groups (GT) had separated conversations, and then we reunited again for the GTs could report to everybody

    GT SINERGIA (sinergy, created to give logistic and other kind of help to ar friends coming from all over the world):
    is organizing a list of people which can give hospitality in their houses, which is quite urget to realixe, given the big number o people is goin go show up in Rio. Please, everybody who is willing to help make contact with the GT via facebook and/or our mailing lists, or by writing to

    GT INTERVENÇÃO (Intervention)
    This group is responsable to actuate in the beginning of occupy actions. Has been decided that our occupation will happen on the 14th, the meeting point will be in Praça Paris at 18.30 (look on google map for directions – Praça Paris RIo de janeiro) and from there wi’ll move all together for the final occupation spot. Who can is kindly request to bring a yellow rain cup, flashlights, whistles, something to bit on and make a lot of noise, and naturallu, CAMPING TENTS!! A FB event will be organizes later on, and informed via mail list.

    GT COMUNICAÇÃO (communications)
    This working group needs people to cover all is activities. A turnation will regulate participation to cover the camp activities and other happenings and actions around the city. We got some equipment, but still need many things (as internet connection for the streaming, for example). Who is going to bring and use video/audio equipment, is kindly request to contact the group to coordinate cover of all activities (FB or mail). The group will be responsable for the main communication channels of OcupaRio (site / twiiter @ocuppyrio / Fanpage / Discussion groups on FB / GTs), and will be stimulating people all around the globe to make informations circulate.

    The reunion ended with the decision that next meeting will be directly on Wednesday 14/06/12, 18H30, in PRAÇA PARIS, for the beginning of actions.

    confirm at:

  7. OCUPARIO will welcome all people from occupy’s movements around the world in Rio de Janeiro to manifest together during people’s Summit and Rio+20. To help us best organize receive people, please inform date and numer of visitors to the address You will receive infos about organization and local contacts. See you at OcupaRIO!

    OCUPARIO invita tutte le occupazioni intorno al mondo a Rio de Janeiro, per manifestare insieme durante la Cupola dei Popoli e la Rio+20. Per otimizzare l’ccoglienza siete pregati di informare a il giorno di arrivo e il numero dei visitanti. Riceverete informazioni sull’organizzazione e i contatti locali. Vi aspettiamo a OcupaRIO!

    OCUPARIO va a recibir a todos los compañer@s ocupas del mundo que llegarán a la ciudad para manifestarse en la Cumbre de los Pueblos y en Rio+20. Para atender a todos del mejor modo pedimos que informen la fecha de llegada y el número de visitantes enviando un e-mail a Recibirán la información y los contactos directos con OcupaRio. Nos vemos en OCUPARIO!

    OCUPARIO veut recevoir tous les compagnons provenant d’occupations de tout le monde qui viendront à Rio pour prendre part au “Sommet des Peuples” et à Rio+20. Pour qu’on puisse bien vous recevoir on vous en prie de nous informer la date d’arrivée et le nombre de personnes en écrivant a: Vous rencontrerez des infos et contacts directement de OcupaRio. On se voit à OcupaRio!

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