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Madrid Press Release


May 12th in Madrid was the second day of global action after October 15th. After another six months of being in the streets, universities, schools, health centers, in the houses and work places, of thinking and rethinking about how to build the world we dream, we needed to meet in the streets again. Many people decided to join this action in over 50 cities around the world (London, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Coimbra, Pissa, Helsinki, …). In Madrid, 80 thousand and 120 thousand people  took to the streets once more. 

In Madrid we are organized in neighborhood assemblies that began working after the end of the encampment, the demonstrations was composed by four marches heading out to Sol from four directions, that are expressed in a chant: “from north to south, from east to west, the fight goes on, whatever the cost” . The Northern March left Guadalix at 12: 00 and grew continuously as demonstrators joined in from the different villages and neighborhoods in the northern part of the community of Madrid, until it arrived at 19: 00 to the roundabout of San Bernardo.

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