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Photojournalist Edu León arrested in Madrid

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[Translated by Traducción Sol]

From the following signing groups, we would like to express our condemnation of the facts happened today, 14th December 2011, in Leganés, Madrid.

Today, press and right to information have been evicted, as well as hundreds of families who are now becoming homeless because of banks’ greed; banks that have the unquestionable support of public administrations, and the boundless and- occasionally- “hooliganistic” work of Spanish law enforcement bodies.

Today, Edu León, photographer working for El Diagonal, has been arrested while he was reporting one of these evictions. Edu turned to be an uncomfortable witness of the variety of outrages carried out in this city against those people who have  lesser capacity to defend themselves from the excesses of authority.

Today, more than ever, we all are Edu León, we all have the right to be informed; and photojournalists, editors, camerapeople and citizens are our eyes, hands and ears. They cannot get us to be quiet.

We demand Government Delegation in the Community of Madrid to immediately release our friend, EDUARDO LEÓN, without charges.

We demand the end of the persecution and repression towards the people who exercise the right to information and those who are persecuted due to their opposition to unfair acts, which only seek for the enrichment of a small politc and economic elite at the expense of the majority.

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  1. Hi,

    Eduardo has been released but not without charges.

    Eduardo you have the support of many who will stand for a new world.


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