People's Assemblies Network

Invitation to Develop a Global Statement


Last year has seen the uprising of people’s movements across the world. Various reasons and aims made hundreds of thousands of people to take the streets. We believe many of these are shared by the different movements. From the Occupy the London Stock Exchange International Commission, we would like to contribute to the dialogue among assemblies and movements around the world. We believe one way to achieve it is to propose a collaboration on a global statement, which could unite local struggles under a common umbrella by underlining the issues that affect all of us.

Our wish is to create a statement that links key reasons of various movements and by doing so strengthen the worldwide momentum. It is not our intention to come up with a project lead by London. We hope assemblies and movements around the world to collaborate and develop a vision together.
The format of this process is open for discussion among the participant movements. At present, our proposal on this regard involves two stages: first, interested assemblies and movements worldwide would write their own initial statements. On a second stage, the different statements would be shared, openly discussed and fed back to assemblies in a common process of development towards an agreed global document.
With this letter we invite the other movements to discuss this proposal and spread the call. Our idea for the first step is to invite assemblies and movements to discuss their willingness to this project and their propositions for draft a statement during the weekend of December 10th-11th the latest, so that after the next global day of action we are able to take further steps in communication between the assemblies.
 To give you an idea of our work we send you the statement approved by the Occupy London General Assembly, which was read at the People’s Assembly during the G20 countersummit in Nice, on November 3-4.
About a month ago, the London International Commission (working group) started developing a proposal we hoped would serve as the beginning of a process towards a global statement. It was discussed several times in the General Assembly and worked on in small working groups. The International Commission working group is als open for everyone to participate.
We reached consensus on the following draft statement:

·      Our global system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust, driven by profit in the interest of the few.
·      An economic system based on infinite growth, but which relies on finite resources, is leading humanity and the environment to destruction. As long as this system remains in place, people of the world continue to suffer from an increasingly unfair share of income and wealth.

·      We seek a global system that is democratic, just and sustainable. The world’s resources must not go to the military or corporate profit, but instead go towards caring for people’s needs: water, food, housing, education, health, community.
·      An international, global collaboration has started, and is working on a statement that will unite the occupy movements across the world in their struggle for an alternative that is focused on and originates from people and their environment.

If you would like to participate in the development of this collaborative document, please leave your details below, or email