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First Statement from #OccupyDameStreet

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The General Assembly from #OccupyDameStreet has released their first statement since they began the occupation near the Irish Central Bank in Dublin.

#OccupyDameStreet is a people’s movement, which stands in solidarity with and is inspired by nearly 1000 sister occupations in the evolving global movement initiated by the people of Iceland, Greece, Spain, and Tunisia. We use tactics of non-violence akin to the scenes of peaceful resistance in Tahrir Square and Wall Street. This is a diverse people’s initiative, unaffiliated with any political parties. We are the 99%. We stand together against political and economic corruption. We stand for equality and social justice. This is a “leaderless resistance movement” with people of many nationalities, backgrounds, genders and political persuasions.

We say to the people of Ireland: if you have ever looked for an opportunity to engage in realistic change, this is the platform. Now is the time when the spirit of the revolt is spreading to other major cities and financial districts around the world. It is the duty of everyone to stand together against the endless greed and corruption on which our financial system is based.

We reject the complete control of the European Central Bank (ECB) in dictating our economic policy. Our demand is that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stay out of our affairs. We do not want their influence or control. Our demand is that the private bank debt that has been socialised and burdened upon the population of the country who had nothing to do with it be lifted. We will not pay and let our children and their children pay for this crisis that private banks and bondholders have caused. It is their problem, not ours. Our demand is that the oil and gas reserves off our coast that were criminally handed away to private corporations be returned to sovereign control. Our demand is for real, participatory democracy – where the people’s interests come first, where the people decide what happens.

We do not claim to have a complete list of solutions. We believe, however, that the process is just beginning. The more participation we can build, the more power our decisions will carry. We invite any person to join us, but we ask that they leave their political party at the door.


The resemblance of this occupation to that of Wall Street is that they are occupying a space nearby major financial player in their respective countries. On September 17th, an underground magazine called Adbusters made a call to “#OccupyWallStreet”[1]. The initiative got some attention amongst ongoing protests in countries like Spain and Greece, and such initiative lended itself to make it also a day of mobilisations; in Spain known as #TomaLaBolsa (#TakeTheStockExchange). In NYC however, people were determined to set up a protest camp similar to Tahrir, Sol or Syntagma. They have been growing for the last couple of weeks and there are now occupations in many other cities across the US[2].

Many have been inspired to finally see the American people stand up and fight what many people were hoping for: the major financial player of the world! Similar events are expected to unfold in major financial districts at an international level on the 15th of October. A Facebook event calls to occupy the London Stock Exchange whilst “at the same time [...]and hundreds of cities from Paris and Madrid to Buenos Aires and Caracas are staging actions and occupations together for a global day of action”[3] [4]

Whilst we wait, organise and spread this call international call to action put together in ; a good starting point to get ready for a new era is the sharing of knowledge. A fellow Anonymous activist [5] has compiled a list of resources that range from the basics of organising horizontal and participatory assemblies to the use of new technologies and latest mobile phones to ensure these protest run as smoothly as possible:

The megaupload link, on line 9 of the pastebin, will allow you to download a .zip file where these documents have been compressed. Some of them are indeed basic for people participating in their first assemblies, others are extensive and will even make an interesting read to the most experienced activist; such as the 152-pages long Handbook on Non-Violent Campaigns.

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[1] Adbusters Magazine initial call for action:

[2] Unofficial hub of US occupations:

[3] Facebook event – “Occupy London Stock Exchange”:

[4] Daily Mail online version reports on #OccupyLSX:

[5] Twitter profile of @AnonUsers:!/AnonUsers

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