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River March to Putney


Call for a Day of Action for a New Model

On 19 Nov the General Assembly of Occupy LSX warmly received the idea of a day of action for a new model featuring a march to St Mary’s Church, Revd Giles Fraser’s old church and site of the original Putney debates*. On 28th Nov the idea was endorsed by the Occupy LSX GA

* Putney Debates: at the end of the English Civil War (1648/49) St Mary’s Church in Putney was the site of the famous historic debates on the future of the English constitution taking place between members of the victorious New Model Army who had vanquished King Charles I ushering in the era of Parliamentary Sovereignty which exists to this day. At the debates the Levellers, who has fought alongside Cromwell argued for a democratic ‘Agreement of the People’ but were excluded from the eventual constitutional settlement which was made in favour of the aristocrats and the bourgeousie, a settlementy which came to be reinforced forty years later with the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’ (or Palace Coup) of King William and Queen Mary Orange and featuring the formation of the Bank of England.

It would therefore be highly symbolic action to march from St Paul’s to St Mary’s Church to ‘right the wrong’ of history and perhaps begin the process of ‘levelling’ or ordinary people taking power. It would also be an incredibly media friendly event due to the obvious historic resonance but also because of Giles Fraser’s links to the church.

A series of Assemblies could be convened there, by the river or perhaps on Putney Bridge, to consider perhaps the work of all the Occupy London sites’ working groups one by one. This could then perhaps lead to bigger days of action for a new model etc later in the year.