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5th November Proposition


The  5th. of November is becoming a day for global actions, for going from the theory to the praxis. Anonymous plan to crash Facebook, the outraged in London prepare a big action as other  city who plan a new anti-bank day (in Paris the assembly decided to  occupy la Defense, the major business district, in Brussels they prepare  a forum against the financial dictatorship), it will be the Anti G-20 meeting with the start of the walk to Rome/Athens and a lot of  people will participate in a huge action against the financial elites:
There was an announce of BTD (Bank Transfer Day) inviting people to transfer their money from the  banksters to credit unions on november 5 (more than 52.000 people  participate to the event according to Facebook), that directly link with similar proposals of action that are being prepared around the world.
Until the moment, this  action wasn’t feasible because of the lack of international contacts and a strong network. But now everything changed, so a call for this action has been written to be proposed in all the assemblies that we have contact with, the domain is bought and contacts with  BTD has been established.
Members of our network of assemblies will propose it in the next general assemblies of Madrid,  London, Athens, Milan, Brussels, Paris, some cities in USA, and other major cities and we invite you to introduce it in your assembly as soon as possible and join the action. If we stay united in our actions, we are powerful. If we stay united in our actions, we will succeed.
Proposal to your assembly: 
The  proposal is to start an international campaign for everybody to take  their money out of the commercials banks and pass it to ethic banks  (bank account), credit unions (savings), or invest it in ethic or alternative economy.
So   this action will have two fronts: take  the money out from the  banksters  elites, and also put more money  available for sustainable  projects  who will contribute to everybody and  help to heal the world.
People   can do it without changing  anything on the way they use their money   (debt cards, etc) and they  will have a bank account that will not   contribute to war and   exploitation.
What is the plan:
  • A  big campaign of communication to promote this action during the next  twenty days in which we need the collaboration of the largest number of  assemblies to aprove the call and medias to spread the informations. So  the first step will be to present this proposal to your assembly and  create a working group charged to promote the action.
  • Until  the 5th. of November we will spread a lot of texts and videos showing  what the traditional banks are doing with our money but also promoting  the financial alternatives and the projects they finance.  We invite all  the assemblies to open the debate locally, share this   materials and  create new ones adapted to their local situations. So we welcome the  videomakers, designers and all the people who can bring informations on  this topic.
  • The   5th. of November will be the great day where we invite everybody to  transfer his money from his bank to an ethic one or credit union,  following this simple steps:
• Research your local credit unions or ethic banks options (you have until the 5th. of november and we will share a maximum informations and contacts to help you)
•  Open an account with the one that best suits your needs (before the  5th. of november because it will be a saturday and some of them will be  closed)
• Cancel all automatic withdrawals & deposits (Before the 5th. of november for more security)
• Transfer your funds to the new account (during the 5th. of november if it’s possible the morning when they are all open)
• Follow your bank’s procedures to close your account before the 5th. of november.
Find a credit union (add the ones you know) :
Find an ethic bank:
(to be filled up)
Find ways to develop an alternative economy:
(to be filled up)
Common database of all these alternatives:
(in process)
It’s the moment to be coherent with our ideas, and conscious about the power we have in our hands.
If the 99% removes our funds from the major banking institutions to non-profit credit unions, ethic  banks or other kinds of alternative and social economy on or by this date, we will send a clear message to the 1%, that conscious consumers won’t support companies with unethical business  practices.
But  we can go further, the 5 is one of the best days to have the most impact on the market and the banking comptability, so if we succeed the 5th. of November we can repeat every 5 of every month this same action, trying to break the record  every time. The people will get used to it and we will use the same  campaign of comunication so it will be very easy to do it again.
More informations: (soon in service)


  1. This is great! I have linked and shared to this site everywhere I can.
    I will be involved!
    Peace and love <3

  2. CU/System 650,000 new members ahead of Bank Transfer Day

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