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The struggle for Real Democracy Now in Portugal

by Francisco Norega on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 6:40pm

The struggle for Real Democracy Now in Portugal started at the same time as in Spain – May15. Almost unknown national and internationally, we took the streets under the slogan “A Rua É Nossa – Democracia Verdadeira Já!” (The Streets are Ours – Real Democracy Now). Two protests took place in Lisboa and Coimbra, followed by popular assemblies, and there was also a popular assembly in Faro. Around 300 people participated.


After that, we were enthusiastic seeing how the movement developed in Spain. After 4 days, on the May19th, people gathered in squares of Lisboa and Porto and decided to occupy Rossio (Lisboa) and Praça da Batalha (Porto). The next day, almost a hundred people gathered in Praça 8 de Maio, Coimbra. After a couple of weeks, also in Barcelos, a village in the North of Portugal, people started to gather and to camp on the weekends.


In Lisboa, Porto and Coimbra, started to happen Popular Assemblies every day. In Lisbon, on the beginning, it was normal for the assemblies to have hundreds of people – for several times, there were assemblies with 500 people. Across the country, we were organizing debates, creative actions and other activities. On the May 29, there was a protest in Lisbon in which almost a thousand people participated, under heavy rain. Then, the movement started to slow down a bit everywhere, and the AcampadaLisboa ended. A week later, the AcampadaCoimbra also ended, followed by the AcampadaPorto.

Anyway, we didn’t stop. We continued to struggle for Real Democracy, and the Popular Assemblies continued, as the debates and other actions. On the 19J, there were protests in Lisboa (almost 500 people), Porto (100 people) and Coimbra (30 people), and a Popular Assembly took place for the first time in Aveiro.

On the July5th there was a debate about the Europact in Coimbra with several teachers of the Faculty of Economy of the University of Coimbra. Around 50 people participated.

Then, there was the International Meeting in Lisbon, which gathered more than 100 people from different nationalities.

And today there was a protest for Democracy on Santarem, a city on the interior of Portugal.


Now, things are much more calm, and the assemblies have much less people than in the beginning. In Porto and Coimbra, activities will probably stop in August, but we are going to work hard to make big protests across the country on 15O. People from different groups are talking in order to build a platform to gather the dozens of groups and the people who want to struggle for Real Democracy.

We may not be many people in each city, but we are thousands across the globe. and we will be much more. We now that, if we unite, we will succed!


Francisco Norega

Coimbra, Portugal



    …. los billetes giran por todo el mundo :





    Se ha propuesto en acampadavigo, y también en la lista de NLV, “escribir en todos los billetes que usemos la leyenda “Democracia real ya!!”.
    Se ha propuesto escribir la frase en Inglés (“Real Democracy Now!”)ya que en Europa hay alrededor de 500.000.000 de habitantes, y nuestros billetes giran por todo el mundo. También se ha propuesto escribirlo al estilo Twitter: #democraciarealya #spanishrevolution Todas ellas son válidas. Lo importante es hacerlo de verdad y habitualmente y no dejar que caiga en saco roto.

    Si te preocupa que no los acepten, se pueden cambiar en el banco. Los billetes de banco no se invalidan por contener escrituras, sellos tampones o marcajes. Sólo quedan inutilizados si se destruye más del 50% de la pieza.

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