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International On-Line Meeting Fri 5th August


The 15Oct is coming and it’s time to join and start plotting our plan…

So we (the international group of Madrid Assembly, in charge of international coordination) call for a virtual meeting this Friday 5th of August at:

18:00 (UK)
19:00 (Spain, Italy, Egypt, …)
20:00 (Greece, Israel, …)

In the chat of takethesquare:

The agenda for the meeting is open to your ideas:

And here it goes a suggestion of rules to help us in our virtual meeting (if you all agree):


  1. Hi guys. Does that mean that the webchat link is the one we have to connect to to chat? Also, will some of the marchers be online?
    We’ll try to be there!

    Our FB:

  2. Bonjour, monsieur St Etienne,
    ici paris,
    nous sommes en train de préparer une chose grande pour le lundi prochain – attendez-nous si vous plait.
    Nous sommes dans la reunion de cette page.
    Commencez vous organiser pour faire votre marche et votre ville.
    Nous sommes en contacte [mail?]

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