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When you hear the word “democracy”, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is someone like Obama or Cameron who is on your TV screen, justifying the attack on Libya for example. Many of us are immediately overwhelmed by the stench of hypocrisy and switch off. So, you might ask, surely democracy has nothing to do with the fight against mass unemployment, spending cuts and the policies of the ConDem government?
But just because global elites are always harping on about “democracy”, claiming it as the ideal political system, we cannot afford to ignore it. The challenge is to fight for a more advanced, extended democracy than the one that exists in capitalist society. Because in the end, without democratic ownership and control of economic and financial resources, we will find it impossible to solve the global economic crisis in a way that is positive and beneficial to working people.

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  1. Perhaps whoever wrote this juvenile stuff will educate me and quote all those examples of democratic ownership and control that have resulted in benefits to working people that can compare with those achieved by the “democracies” so apparently despised

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