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J19 London/Spanish Assembly Call Out


Dear activists,

Here is a call for a Global Day of Action on the 19th of June to show our politicians and bankers our total rejection to major socioeconomic daylight robbery of an international scope: the so-called Euro Pact, by which the politicians of the European Union agree to legislate the orders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the World Bank (WB).

We  consider that as a new attack on democracy ONCE AGAIN. So let´s show our politicians and bankers how strongly we are against this neoliberal measure.

On June 19th, 15M London Assembly will take part in the call against the Euro Pact – Trafalgar Square, 6pm – alongside other UK 15M platforms (Brighton, Manchester, Cambridge, etc.) as well as other social movements both British and European .

 So please send the message forward and join us!!!


NO TO THE EURO PACT: We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers.

The EURO PACT: New attack on democracy ONCE AGAIN.

ONCE AGAIN, the EU leaders endorse a policy misleading the public to the benefit of large financial corporations, instead of defending the citizens.

On 27th June, all European governments (eurozone), including that of Spain, will sign in Brussels a major socioeconomic daylight robbery of an international scope: the so-called Euro Pact, by which the politicians of the European Union agree to legislate the orders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the World Bank (WB).

Failure to comply with these orders means, the rating agencies that have led Greece, Ireland and Portugal to the ruins (Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch) will resume their attacks.

- The public sector salaries should be consistent with the competitiveness of the private sector, WHICH MEANS: further cuts in the public sector as it must offer the same benefits as the private sector´s derisory wages and increasing working hours. Including a sharp cut in the numbers of public employees.

- Therefore all countries should adjust their laws to the dictates of the banks, WHICH MEANS governments are ONCE AGAIN not legislating for the protection and interests of citizens but in the favour of large banking corporations and the markets.

- The retirement age will be delayed in all the countries in accordance with life expectancy.

- Enhancing competitiveness: linking wages to productivity, just like what has already been done in Spain with the latest labour reform which calls for more flexible redundancy laws, more flexible labour agreements and more flexible contracts, thus endangering the current system of collective negotiation of labour laws.

- To foster cheap lay-offs and Temporary Employment Agencies (TEA). The banks will lower the financial strains to encourage the hiring of workers, and in doing so will demolish the Social Security system and will be introducing the figure of “the perpetual intern and the perpetual precarious worker”.

- The freezing of all pensions.

- Reduction of social benefits.

- Reduction of the social protection systems, worsening the Social Security system.

- Reduction of spending on education, resulting in poorer results, which are conditions that favour and promote its ultimate privatisation.

- Increased direct and indirect taxes for citizens, small and medium businesses and penalties for not complying with the payment of these taxes through fines, interest, fees, etc.

- Changes to our constitution and that of the signatory countries with the aim of “adjusting the economy within the parameters of the IMF, ECB and World Bank” resulting in the loss of sovereignty of the people.

ONCE AGAIN, governments do not use political power to legislate and to stop the provokers of the crisis and international banks and large hedge funds, for example, stepping in against financial corporations. Instead, with the signing of the Pact of the Euro scheduled for June 27, will strengthen the large financial corporations and adopt policies that are of interest to banks and large European companies. As if we hadn´t had enough, all governments independently of their political colour, will sign this agreement to commit to large financial corporations and thus, as ever, sacrifice the citizens ONCE AGAIN, enabling the financiers to continue defrauding the world using financial products that are as sophisticated as they are risky and fraudulent, and permitting bank usury.

Using the deception that to deal with the debt crisis that grips Europe, increasing the competitiveness of national economies can only be achieved by reducing labour costs … ONCE AGAIN.

Still no mention of intervention in tax havens where the great fortunes rest or making laws against tax evasion. Still no talk of taxing financial transactions, regulating rating agencies, etc. Still no mention of measures against unemployment and in favour of social welfare.

Still there is no consideration for a public and independent audit of the public debt in order to enable citizens to know what the debt really is and what part of it actually corresponds to the banks and private equity funds which according to the data we have constitutes most of the PUBLIC DEBT.

ONCE AGAIN, we are served the impoverishment of society on a platter in benefit of expanding the great fortunes and accentuating the social divide.

In this way, the historical record of the profits of large financial corporations are ONCE AGAINenlarged even more, the record high salaries of CEOs and executives will increase even more, and thus we reach record levels of poverty and unemployment.

The difficulty of accessing this information is due to the lack of political transparency and the fear that ALL OF EUROPE will TAKE THE STREET.



  1. we will be there!

  2. In order for everyman to be propelled into the streets for demonstrative action against the Banks & Moneylenders, you’ve got to convince ‘him’ that his family and his future antecedents are in very real danger of being enslaved. Not in the visuality of ‘Spartacus’ that may be present in his mind, but in the very fact that himself and his offspring will remain in debt for the rest of their lives, never having the opportunity, or ability, to ever pay it off. The ‘cheap’ credit window during the late 90′s early Noughties was enough for Banks to capture many people ( and whole countries) for transportation down this route, most believing that the ‘dolce vita’ would go on forever. The rest of us will no doubt follow, no matter what safeguards we attempt to desperately employ, as our Governments happily kow-tow to the Global Financial Institutions. ‘Everyman’ has no longer the strong Trade Union representation or collective political strength to protect him and he is now ‘on his own’. Which is just how the Banks want him,as defenceless working ‘fodder’, plodding on until his 70th birthday before retiring on a pittance and his post-mortem estate all going to pay off his debts rather than to his children. Out in the streets? You’ve gotta stop ‘Everyman’ and his wife, watching mind-numbing TV ‘Soaps’ or ‘X-factor’type shows on their 50″ Television (purchased on a credit-card) and maybe play them a linked DVD of Gordon Gekko’s (Michael Douglas) speech on ‘Greed is good’ monetarism shown in contrast to actor Peter Finch’s character in the far-sighted movie ‘Network’ explaining how everyone should ‘Wake-up!… and do something, before it’s too late’. The long awaited age of ‘sacrifice’ is now here for ‘Everyman’. If you’re gonna go into the streets and shout “I’m mad…really mad about all this!’ remember you’re doing it for your kids., for it’s them that will become the real ‘slaves’ in years to come.

  3. We are at the stage now where every worker in every country (The Working Class) as well as the Ruling Class know that Capitalism is in terminal crisis, right across tghe entire world, even China will suffer when the US dollar collapses, as it will, under its mountain of debt, that is increasing by Trillions, and surviving only by “Quantative Esaing” or printing more paper dollars, rendering the existing dollars as well as the newly printed dollars worth less, and less. Workers therefore have to pay more for servives, food and medicine. That is why workers in the USA workers and Britain have called for Demonstrations, and Occupations during 6 – 9 October 2011 of the primary squares in their countries and are calling on workers IN ALL COUNYTRIES to join them in demonstrations, and occupations in their capital cities. This is the beginning of the alternative to Capitalism – Peoples Power. We dont need to disenfranchise ourselves for 4 years and expect lying, cheating, stealling MPs to make our decisions for us. We are acpable of making our own decisions about our health, educatioon, housing, democratically via TV or other links, as well as deciding the best singer in Europe,(Eurovision) the best dancer in Britain Etc Peoples assemblies – connected.

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