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SOLFED Report: Liverpool People’s Assembly 4th June


SOLFED Report from 4th June Assembly.

On Saturday 4th June, almost 150 people took part in the Liverpool People’s Assembly Against The Cuts. Members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation were amongst them, as the conference discussed resisting cuts in the public sector, to the NHS, and in communities.

Contrary to the name, the event was quite traditional in its set-up. Each of the three sessions was a panel debate, with the chair introducing four speakers who opened and closed the sections, with other contributions often also taking the form of prepared speeches. Despite this limitation, there were still many good points made. Numerous times, the TUC and trade union leadership came in for substantive criticism, and a SolFed comrade drew this together to make the point that we need to act for ourselves and build our own confidence rather than looking to leaders.

Another positive was the opportunity to build up local links and to promote an anarcho-syndicalist approach to current struggles. Our new Workmates pamphlet, about rank-and-file organising on the London Underground, sold extremely well and another SolFed comrade was able to offer greetings and solidarity from the Cheshire West Against The Cuts campaign in which they are active.

The more disappointing aspect of the event was that nothing concrete came out of it. Many people, Liverpool SolFed included, attended with the impression that the event was aimed at establishing an all-Liverpool anti-cuts campaign. Certainly, it was the perfect setting for it, and that the final item onthe agenda was titled “where next: a proposal from Liverpool Trades Council” implied it. But no such thing emerged, and as time for the event ran out we were informed that the trades council could agree no such thing as it had not consulted its affiliates. This provoked much uproar and heated debate at the very end of the day.

Addressing the meeting before it closed, one of our members said: “Liverpool Solidarity Federation were also of the impression that setting up such a campaign was the whole point of today. We have drafted a concrete set of proposals on how we think it should function – if you don’t have one already, we’ll be happy to provide.

“But if the Trades Council aren’t yet ready to create such a campaign, we’re more than happy to initiate it along with any group that is. This shouldn’t wait. If your organisation agrees with our proposals, get in touch so that we can get the ball rolling.”

We reiterate that point now. We urge people to put what we are proposing to a vote in their union branch, community campaign or other organisation. It is long past time that we had a broad-based anti-cuts campaign in Liverpool, and more importantly based on democracy and open participation. So let’s get one going!

A copy of the proposal is attached here. 

Original Invitation:

All welcome
Free Event
Saturday 4 June—11– 4.30pm
The Black-E, Great George Street, Liverpool L1 5EW

On 26 March the workers and communities of Britain spoke with one voice. The half a million people who marched – and included everyone from trade unionists, through students and pensioners to local community  campaigners – want to fight the cuts and stop them, not just protest against them. They want action, not words. As more and more workers face cuts in jobs and services, as more and more service users find their services slashed, as more and more families face the prospect of one or other of their members cast on to the scrap heap of unemployment resistance will grow.

To keep up the momentum against the cuts, to maintain the unity of all workers, across public and private sectors, across all communities regardless of race, nationality or religion, across the age gap and across the employed and unemployed – Liverpool Trades Union Council has called a People’s Assembly Against the Cuts.

We invite your union branch, campaign or community organisation to support this event on 4 June. It will be a forum for discussion and planning, it will be a working meeting shaped by you, and it will be an organising centre for action. It will represent the real voice of the people of our city – a voice that says loud and clear to the Con Dem Government and to the Labour City Council: stop all cuts to our jobs and services.

If you want to support this event please write to us. If you want to book a stall for your campaign contact us. There will be room for several and we will book them in on a first come, first serve basis.

But above all—come to the event and help take the campaign against the cuts forward.

What will happen on theday?

10 –11am—Registration to 12.15pm—Defending our Public Services, discussion led by a panel
including NUT, Unison, UCU, PCS

12.15pm to 1.15pm—Food, networking and time to browse the stalls and link up the

1.15pm—2.30pm—Defending our NHS, discussion led by a panel including Unite,
Unison, Keep Our NHS Public

2.30pm—3.00pm—Break and more networking

3.00pm—4.15pm—Defending Our Communities, a discussion led by a panel
including speakers from the city’s black and ethnic minority communities, from the
student community, from community centres and from unemployed activists.

4.15—Where to next? A proposal from Liverpool Trades Union Council

(All speakers will be in a personal capacity unless stated otherwise on the day)

Liverpool Trades Council


  1. I support the LPA

  2. The emphasis on what Solfed did is a bit weird. It reads like a report in The Socialist. Instead of moaning on the sidelines why not get a delegate on Liverpool Trades Council and start influencing the direction of the campaign from the inside?

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