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UK June 30th Generalise the Strike!


Pls find call out for Westminster J30 Strikers’ Assembly and other info on J30 mobilisations below.

Great new site * now live!* for J30: J30

Full Logistics for J30 Westminster Assembly, here

28.6.11 Excellent Guardian piece on J30 Generalisation, We all own this strike 

25.6.11 Right to Work calls for Spanish-style occupations on 30th June


On Thursday 30 June, hundreds of thousands of us will be out on the streets striking and supporting the strikes. We’re withdrawing our labour because we’re outraged at being expected to suffer the consequences of an economic crisis caused by selfish bankers and unaccountable corporations. Our public services, jobs, pensions and whole future are under attack by politicians whose programme none of us voted for.

Inspired by movements currently unfolding across the world – Spain, Greece, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond – we’re responding with PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLIES to support those on strike and build a massive grassroots movement reaching beyond national boundaries and single days of industrial action. People’s Assemblies have no leaders, so every voice counts, ensuring equality for all. Occupying streets and city squares is a natural expression of our power: real democracy now.

 11am, Lincoln Inn Fields: Join the J30 Strikers’ Assembly Bloc on the trade union march.

Then come to the Strikers’ Assembly congregating near Westminster Central Hall. Find us under the “People’s Assembly” banner.A siren will announce the opening of the event!

Real Democracy Now!

Facebook Group  with links to groups and actions across the country…

And follow #J30Strike

Decisions of J30 London Strike Assembly

1. A call to stop work on June 30th – strike, call in sick or take the day off

2. To mobilise and support early morning pickets of striking workers

3. To organise local initiatives to link up pickets with marches between
different sites.

4.To promote diverse forms of actions to publicise and circulate the struggles

5. To organise a Strikers Assembly outside Westminster Hall, the end point of
the trade union march on June 30th at around 1pm, for those who are picketing
in central london. To join working group email Facebook group ‘Mass Strikers Assembly’

6. To call for autonomous actions in the City of London, the heart of the
financial district, from the afternoon onwards.

J30 Strikers

28.6.11 Call out from Paris:



We are indignant at the Bastille in solidarity with the general strike to be held June 30 in the UK against the austerity plans.

In solidarity with this movement and as part of the international day of action called by the English (, we call for a rally Thursday, June 30 at 19h Place de la Bourse (metro Stock Exchange).

Bring pots, slogans, songs, poems, megaphones, banners, markers, tape, signs, boxes, musical instruments … especially just for yourself!

Real democracy now!

Commission Actions indignant at the Bastille

Contact: 06 74 41 10 12



Nous Indignés de la Bastille sommes solidaires de la grève générale qui aura lieu le 30 juin au Royaume Uni contre le plans d’austérité. 

En solidarité avec ce mouvement et dans le cadre de la journée internationale d’action appelée par les Anglais ( ), nous appelons à un rassemblement le jeudi 30 juin à 19h place de la Bourse (métro La Bourse).  

 Venez avec casseroles, slogans, chansons, poèmes, mégaphones, banderoles, marqueurs, scotch, pancartes, cartons, instruments de musique… et surtout venez vous-même ! 

Démocratie réelle maintenant !

Commission Actions des Indignés de la Bastille

Contact : 06 74 41 10 12


Posted 3.6.11 Message from Barcelona assembly to us:

From Acampada BCN, international commission we send this greeting! we have
found out about this movement and find many similitude in our campaigns..
and hope to establish some ties and contacts between the two cities. We
want to Solidarity, we will difuse your communicates in our asamblea, and
maybe we can talk about making movilazation on similar dates.. we too are
pushig for events in the next weeks..
 lets keep in contact
- Acampada BCN.. interational comission, xarxas interanacional
(interational networks)
 J ]

Please circulate. Upcoming J30 Strike Assemblies across the country.

** j30 – Generalise the Strike – Day of action against the cuts **
Facebook Event:

*Assemblies Info* – pls forward widely

Newcastle ?


Sunderland ?
Follow @j30Strike on Twitter / Email:
Announcement e-list:


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  2. Exponemos las irregularidades del proceso judicial por la Declaración de Ruina de nuestra vivienda sita en el nº9 de la c/ Brasil en Vigo (Pontevedra, España): . Nos encantaría que publicarais nuestro caso de corrupción urbanística, ya que una de nuestras prioridades es darlo a conocer a la opinión pública.


  3. I thought in the UK we had a “peoples assembly”, called a Parliament. Elected by everyone not just a minority of “activists”. This was elected to take action to sort out the financial mess partly created by the previous government. In the mortgage crisis that fueled the mess no one forced “us the people” to borrow more that we could afford in the hopes of making quick killings on property values – not to mention credit card debt. Without the despised Corporations there would be no wealth for anyone to share in.

  4. have you noticed there’s always money for wars ?

  5. 100 billion is lost each year through tax avoidance and tax evasion ? – ”tax evaders’ ‘and ”tax evasion deniers” can seriously damage your ecconomy and should be named and shamed, plus stalked by HM Revenue video team with middle of the night raids – who are these tax evaders, how did they get so blase about flaunting the law, if they get caught will they go to jail, or is that just for the poor who pay high tax and get paid low wages ?

  6. Support the strike on June 30th in London!

    On June 30th in London thousands of people affected by the cuts caused by bankers and the corporations who have corrupted our democracy, will join with hundreds of striking workers and march through the city, assembling later to discuss how to force the banks to pay for the crisis they caused!

    The protests and assemblies in Spain and Greece, and the inspired revolutions in the Arab world show us that – united and organised – we can transform our societies!

    Demonstrations against mining companies in Peru, protests against government plans to criminalise protests in Venezuela, student rebellions in Chile in defence of public education, and strikes by firefighters, metal workers, civil servants and teachers in Brazil demonstrate to the entire world that there is a real willingness to fight against the plans of our corrupted governments.

    We believe enough is enough of ineffectual political parties, who claim to work for us but only curtail our rights and follow the orders of international corporations who have stolen our countries. Iceland is a great example – they decided they wouldn’t pay off the debt for which they were not responsible. Responsibility rests only with the corrupt banks and speculators, who caused this crisis. The people are not responsible and we refuse to pay!

    Supporters in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, the United States and Germany – all urge Londoners to mobilise on June the 30th , and march through the city to show international solidarity, showing the governments that we are united with one voice!

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  8. Hi all!

    If you want a decent theme song or inspiring link to a video ahead of J30, try this one.

    There’s a singer called Steve Tilston who has been around since the early 1970s and his new CD has a great song on it called Nottamun Town Return, which is a nightmare vision of London from the perspective of the riots earlier on this year. There’s a movie on youtube here-

    Here’s Nottamun Town return

    Good luck from Ireland, where I live now- I’d be out supporting the strikes if I was still in Wales or England.

    Best wishes and solidarity.


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  10. Este hombre es muy claro y comparte plenamente nuestra sensibilidad !

  11. La asamblea del Bo de la Conce (Madrid) recibe a la marcha indignada Nororiental

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