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Anti-War Mass Assembly – London


10 Years On Occupy Trafalgar Square London Saturday 8 October Protest Bring the troops home Stop the bombing

Adhaf Soueif, John Pilger, Tariq Ali, Brian Eno, Jemima Khan, Tony Benn, George Galloway, Caroline Lucas MP, and many more, will be in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8 October at the anti-war mass assembly on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

Sign the pledge to join them:

The last ten years of war have been catastrophic. Tens of thousands killed in Afghanistan. A million killed in Iraq. Pakistan is on the brink of collapse. More than 550 British soldiers dead and now civilian casualities in Libya, the third western war on a Muslim country.

The killing goes on. As politicians insist on deep cuts to essential public services, Britain is spending £5 billion a year on the war in Afghanistan, and will have spent £1 billion on Libya by the Autumn.

Armed forces veterans, school students, musicians, trade unionists, writers, artists, academics, politicians, campaigners, and military families, will occupy Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8 October to show our opposition to war, representing the vast majorty of people in Britain who have opposed Britain’s involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. There will be music, film shows, performance events, art installations, and much more. We are also planning a series of rallies around the country and major cultural events in London in the run up to the mass assembly.
Join us in Trafalgar Square. Sign the pledge to be there:


  1. Hi,

    I would like to propose that a group of people should march from Trafalgar Square after the rally on October 8th to Northwood Headquarters in north London, the UK’s principal military HQ site. It is home to 4 Operational HQs (Permanent Joint Headquarters (including the JFHQ), the Commander Naval Forces North (one of NATO’s three major Commanders) and Headquarters of Commander in Chief Fleet). Northwood is where the Afghan, Iraq, Libyan campaigns are being run from. It is a 17 mile walk from Trafalgar Square so we could camp en route.
    There are very large woods around Northwood. We could camp in the woods for 24 hrs and then carry out peaceful civil disobedience outside the base (a la Faslane) on Monday 10th October.
    If you are interested, please send an email to

    Love Peace People 8)

  2. this is not an assembly!!! here are some of the comments so far on this call out from stop the war:

    “lol what, is everything an assembely now?! It’s just a same old same old rally with the same old same old tired and irrelevent speakers! :D

    “How much is this an “assembly”? might be worth challenging stop the war in making it an actual assembly rather than just a rally under a different name! Bit like their version of direct action i.e. no action! :-)

    “A star studded assembly!!! – I wonder how it will be facilitated???”

    “What about an anti-government assembly instead?”

    “Could we have both? The anti-war stance is important but the absolute debacle over the News of the World hacking claims and the coaltion and New Labour’s
    fear of Murdoch shows that we do not have a political party that is capable of governing this country.”

    “Im getting tired of trying to get anything moving in Portsmouth,all they want to do is have gatherings and marches about each different aspect of the cuts,no joined up thinking.Ive forwared loads of your messages onto PACT FB without hardly any reponse.It seems like we are going to have a harder time trying to inform people in this country of what is really going on.BBC Murdoch etc..

    I presume you know that the powers are now trying to privitise everything across Greece Spain and Ireland.Which will leave the countries with no state income.The Lotteries are being sold for less than their yearly income.If they were registered on Nasdaq they would be worth manty times there annual income and they could still be owned by the country.Obviously politicians etc know whats going on and they are allowing it.With this scenario I cant see that the people will allow this to happen as they will have nothing left.

    In hope that the people from across europe will hold out for real democracy..I will be amazed if they dont depending on how hard the police/army crack down..”

    “I think we should do our upmost to create an environment at these gatherings where all workers can participate and a mass movement can be built. I wouldn’t be interested in anything else with regard to this. This means links with non unionized workers, those without recognized ‘jobs’ and of course trade unions and much more importantly, their membership. My feeling is that this reaching out should be primary, we have to remember that we are inviting people to step outside a symbolic order of normality where people don’t have a voice and therefore we should take care not to do anything that might alienate people unneccessarily. This is a fine balancing act. I think it is important to see this as different from a symbolic act which draws attention to specific problems.”

    “Use your one percent to make a degree of difference. Initially by majority UK citizens would have to agree to the first three underlying principles of the Peoples charter in order to facilitate the remaining 23 points

    The People’s Charter
    The 26 Points

    1. We the People are demanding the law of the land apply within parliament with a fully transparent and a just system favouring democracy of the people, whereby the government and police are held to account for their actions against the people.

    2. We the People are demanding that members of parliament appointed and acting on behalf of the people shall have no other vested interest other than that of the people.

    3. We the People are demanding an end to injustice.

    4. We the People are demanding an end to unlawful wars.

    5. We the People are demanding banks return all bonus money and immediately return monies borrowed from the public purse. Further to this all people’s monies will be restored to people’s banks, with the power to control money being put back into the hands of the people.

    6. We the People are demanding that all Mp’s pay back their expenses claims, any members who are shown to have claimed more than 10,000 in any one year will be sacked unless just cause can be shown as to why it was so excessive.

    7. We the People are demanding that banks stop operating as high profit businesses, and stop investing in non sustainable assets. Furthermore that 50% of their gross profits will be directly reinvested to benefit all people and the environment.

    8. We the People are demanding an end to mortgages.

    9. We the People are demanding access to affordable houses and housing for all

    10. We the People are demanding all taxes that are raised from petrol and diesel will be invested in renewable energy

    11. We the People are demanding all taxes raised from motorists will be used to invest in cheap affordable green transport.

    12. We the People are demanding where public monies are spent, or public assets are sold, full and transparent consultation will take place with the people and in favour of the people’s needs and wishes.

    13. We the People are demanding that all future investments of public funds will be for the benefit of all people and the environment

    14. We the People are demanding an end to corporate control.

    15. We the People are demanding an end to oil exploration

    16. We the People are demanding an end to Poverty

    17. We the People are demanding that a cap be set on maximum wages, whereby people earning over £100,000 a year will be taxed at 100% on anything above that thresh hold.

    18. We the People are demanding that all businesses with a gross profit exceeding 1 million pounds must show that the rest is invested in sustainable growth, or given to the treasury to be reinvested in the country.

    19. We the People are demanding that all revenues taken in taxes will be just and fair, furthermore that these taxes will be used to benefit all people and the environment.

    20. We the People are demanding investment and a realistic holistic approach to all self sustainable environmental innovations and practices.

    21. We the People are demanding jobs for now and the future

    22. We the People are demanding a free education for all

    23. We the People are demanding an end to Homelessness.

    24. We the People are demanding investment into renewable energies.

    25. We the People are demanding all industry becomes green, investing in sustainable holistic practices including green energy, methods in sourcing, production and the recycling products from start to finish.

    26. We the People are demanding an end to nuclear energy”

  3. Perhaps we could send a joint letter or email to them pointing out that this format of event (with MP and celebrity speakers) is a carbon copy of the disempowering representative democracy that allows these wars to happen in the first place. We could encourage them to allow an open mic.


    …. los billetes giran por todo el mundo :





    Se ha propuesto en acampadavigo, y también en la lista de NLV, “escribir en todos los billetes que usemos la leyenda “Democracia real ya!!”.
    Se ha propuesto escribir la frase en Inglés (“Real Democracy Now!”)ya que en Europa hay alrededor de 500.000.000 de habitantes, y nuestros billetes giran por todo el mundo. También se ha propuesto escribirlo al estilo Twitter: #democraciarealya #spanishrevolution Todas ellas son válidas. Lo importante es hacerlo de verdad y habitualmente y no dejar que caiga en saco roto.

    Si te preocupa que no los acepten, se pueden cambiar en el banco. Los billetes de banco no se invalidan por contener escrituras, sellos tampones o marcajes. Sólo quedan inutilizados si se destruye más del 50% de la pieza.

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