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Liberation Without Borders Tour 13th-18th May | Tunisia


In addition to the Europe and worldwide common day of action on March 26th, and a proposed London international KLF (Knowledge Liberation Front) meeting in June / July, the following initiative comes out of a European and World Assembly of University Movements (“for a New Europe”) held in Paris University St Denis in February. You can read more about this iniative in French at the KLF Paris blog, here.

Liberation Without Borders Tour

13th of May, 2011: From Rebel Universities to the Tunisian Uprising

“I see too much injustice and so I decided to send this message
even though the people told me that my end is death”
El Général

Last 11th-13th of February, during the transnational meeting in Paris promoted and participated by hundreds of activists, groups and networks that are struggling against precarization, austerity policies and cuts to education, Tunisian activists proposed a great meeting in Tunisia. The project immediately became a central issue in the construction of the Knowledge Liberation Front, because a new Europe begins from the Maghreb revolution. The 13th of May we will leave the European universities in struggle to transgress European borders and unite our conflicts with the uprisings on the other shore of the Mediterranean Sea, because they are our uprisings.
       The activists in Tunis who have been organizing the meeting since mid February are extremely clear about its content: let’s not call this initiative a caravan because we have no need for help or simple solidarity, concepts that often hide traces of colonial charity, and because we are perfectly able to do the revolution without teachers. Moreover, they have added over the last weeks, what we see arriving labeled as “humanitarian” from the other shore of the Mediterranean are bombs and war. Instead, we need your struggles to unite the two shores of the Mediterranean through conflict and social transformation, to oust all tyrants – from Ben Ali to the tyrants of the financial capitalism.
This is the reason why activists, students and precarious workers of the Knowledge Liberation Front will go to Tunisia since the 13th of May: to learn. We will go to Tunisia to understand and to do militant inquiry, because the insurgent composition – highly educated young people and unemployed or precarious workers impoverished by the crisis, a system that produces corruption, women reclaiming and acting out their liberty, people who want to live and move without borders – has common characteristics with the European movements revolting against austerity and the cuts to education and welfare. We will go to Tunisia to bring our experiences and discuss, starting from the transnational common days of action against banks and the financial capitalism of the 24th-25th-26th of March. We will go to Tunisia to build relations and not to follow media events. We will go to Tunisia to organize together against a war run against the women and men who are rebelling in the North Africa: it is not against Gaddafi, who has always been a faithful ally of the Western powers in the war against migrants, but against the revolution. We will go to Tunisia to fight, together, against European borders and for the free circulation of people and knowledge. We will go to Tunisia to make Tunisia our university. Without aesthetics of revolt or the ambiguous veils of humanitarian causes and supposed solidarity, we want to learn what it means today, in Europe, to do as has been done in Tunisia.
       The 13th of May we take only the first step: we want to build up a process and carry out concrete projects and, together with Tunisian activists, call for another great initiative in the next few months. For this reason, we will go to Tunisia cooperating with a delegation of activists involved in the NoBorder network, to claim freedom without borders. Because the real “caravan” will be towards Europe: following the migrants’ practices of liberty and the teachings of the Tunisian uprising, we want to liberate ourselves from all the tyrants.

       On these premises, we invite everyone, activists, students, precarious workers, groups and networks, anti-racist collectives, independent media and artists, women and men who refuse the war and the violence of the crisis, to participate in the project and organize meetings to share this initiative:


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    Statement below, and links.

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  2. > > Freedom, not Frontex – There cannot be democracy without freedom
    > > of movement. Transnational exchange with Tunesia in preparation

    > > Three networks active in the context of migration – Welcome to
    > > Europe, Afrique-Europe-Interact and Critical Migration and Border
    > > Regime Research – in March 2011 published the declaration
    > > “Freedom, not Frontex“.

    > > This text – published in six languages (
    > > freedom-not-frontex/ ) – provides a clear statement supporting the
    > > revolutionary uprisings in the Arabic world as well as denouncing
    > > the security-political interests of the European Union –
    > > highlighting our opposition against the re-installation of the
    > > racist migration regime.

    > > Our aim was to explicitly intervene in and clearly confront the
    > > violent EU foreign policy, which abuses their neighbour states
    > > mainly as conducters for its economical and security interests. As
    > > a tunesian activist put it at a conference in Berlin: The most
    > > important is a disruption within the ruling continuity of the
    > > relations between the EU and the new goverments, which are to be
    > > built up by the democratic movements in the arabic countries.

    > > To apply this declaration on practical grounds some activists
    > > connected to the networks, working on different levels against the
    > > externalisation of the border regime, are planning a research and
    > > contact-building journey to Tunesia. We want to find out if and how
    > > a sustainable cooperation with initiatives in Tunesia can be
    > > developed and supported. Is it possible to jointly prevent the
    > > installation of a new “watch-dog-system“ as the EU is attempting to
    > > do right now? Is – for example – a common campaign against the visa
    > > regime imaginable? How is it possible to support the demands of
    > > freedom of movement of the Tunesian migrants as well as the
    > > subsaharian refugees in transit?

    > > Some of us have participated in the caravan of Afrique-Europe-
    > > Interact from Bamako to Dakar in the beginning of this year. Some
    > > of us are active in the network Welcome to Europe and the campaign
    > > against Frontex. Furthermore two representatives of the Maroccan
    > > NGO ABCDS, working in Oujda for the rights of migrants, will join
    > > this journey. Our common interest is to discuss with activists in
    > > the Maghreb states and to develop strategies for a different
    > > relation between Northern Africa and Europe – especially in the
    > > context of migration.

    > > We decided to embark upon this journey – which will take place in
    > > the middle of May for 5 to 10 days – on short notice. But the
    > > composition of our travel group is far from arbitrary. Most of us
    > > have been working in different projects at the outer borders of the
    > > EU for many years. With great interest and for a long time we
    > > followed the situation in Northern Africa. The big changes in the
    > > political situation of Tunesia offer a challenging opportunity to
    > > get to know the situation, to learn, what has already happend and
    > > what could happen in the future, to deepen our contacts and to look
    > > for new ones.

    > > With these questions in mind we will go to Tunis, maybe also to the
    > > towns in the countryside where the revolution started and we want
    > > to visit the refugee camps at the Tunesian border with Libya. We
    > > trust in contacts we have from our friends from Borderline Europe
    > > and from our friends from the ABCDS. And we seek to cooperate with
    > > the „Liberation without Borders Tour“ of activist from university
    > > struggles which will be in Tunis at the same time.

    > > We understand our journey as a small step towards a transnational
    > > exchange, whose horizon was pointed out in above mencioned
    > > declaration: “The departures occuring in Northern Africa
    > > demonstrate what is possible. They refer to a new Arab World, a new
    > > Africa, a possible new Europe. They refer to new spaces of freedom
    > > and equality, to be created in transnational struggles: in Tunis,
    > > Kairo, Bengazi as well as in Europe and in movements of migration,
    > > criss-crossing both continents.“

    > > The travelling group from Afrique-Europe-Interact, Welcome to
    > > Europe and ABCDS

    dear all

    i booked the rooms in tunis

    the cost is 9 euro for persons for night
    we have double and triple rooms but if you need different accommodation you can negoziate it when we will arrive

    the hotel is
    Grad Hotel de France – Rue Hannibal, Tunis, Tunisi

    see you there

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