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Lambeth People’s Assembly – Report

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“A Lambeth Peoples Assembly Against the Cuts”

Here is a Report from A World to Win from Saturday’s Assembly.

‘Lambeth Save Our Services’ has called a peoples assembly as part of the campaign to fight the cuts to services in Lambeth. Our libraries, schools, NHS services, parks, old people’s provision and much more are under threat of the axe.

Local people are fighting back. The Lambeth Peoples Assembly will be both a festival of resistance and an organising centre to exchange experience and plan for action.

***Speakers***: John McDonnell MP, Gill George, Speech and Language Therapist (UNITE executive/Health Sector), Ruth Cashman, local librarian/UNISON, Ted Knight (former leader Lambeth Council), tenants and pensioner organisations, Smiley Culture campaign.

***Workshops include***: NHS/Disability benefit cuts, save our Libraries/Parks, public housing under attack, pensioners fight back.

Entertainment, steel bands, comedian’s against the cuts, poster and banner making, local campaign stalls and much more.

Come and join us on:Saturday 21st May, 12.00-4.00pm
At Lambeth Town Hall
Assembly Hall, Acre Lane, London SW2More info on the campaign at:
Twitter: @lambethSOS

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