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Athens | Decisions of Popular Assembly May 29


Decisions of the Popular Assembly in Syntagma, May 29

Upcoming mobilisations and call-outs

  • Monday, May 30th at noon, Stadiou and Sofokleous str: Support of the workers at the Post Bank against its privatisation
  • Monday May 30th, Mars Field (Alexandras and Patision Ave):Demonstration through neighbourhoods to end up at Syntagma square
  • Tuesday May 31st, Karaiskaki square, Piraeus: Support of the dockworkers fighting against the sell-out of the port
  • Call for popular assemblies in neighbourhoods aiming at the spread of the people’s rising up and coordination of assemblies. Monday June 1st, cooking pan demonstration toward Syntagma square.
  • Thursday June 2nd, Klauthmonos square, 11 am: Support of the Telecommunications workers who have a strike and national protest.
  • June 2nd, Propylea: At the same time, education demonstration
  • Saturday June 4th, 11 am, Klauthmonos square: Worker demonstration and support of ATHENS PRIDE
  • Call-out to the assemblies of students in schools and universities on Tuesday and Wednesday for their demonstration to end at Syntagma square
  • Sunday June 5th, call for the repetition of the European-wide day of rising up, or if possible, a global one.Call for the creation of a banner of the popular assembly and its placement in front of parliament.
  • Call for participation in all workers’ mobilisations in the coming days.
  • Call to everyone and all groups for the organising and coordination of anti-fascist action in the following days.
  • Call for actions at the Syntagma metro station.



The only defeated struggle is the one never fought

 Kindly taken from Occupied London

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