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1st Call for European Assembly for Climate Justice


First call for a European Assembly For Climate Justice in November/December 2011
Following the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference at the end of 2009, and the dangerous agreements reached in Cancun one year later (which put the world on track for a 4 or 5 degree rise in global temperatures) there is more need than ever to build a movement for climate justice. This movement must push for real solutions to the climate crisis, starting with a radical shift in the consumption and production patterns of the rich industrialised countries, and opposing the “false solutions” to the climate crisis such as nuclear power, the massive use of agrofuels, and international carbon trading.
In November last year, a group of Belgian and European movements and organisations- including European Coordination Via Campesina, Climate Justice Action, Friends of the Earth, and the Belgian movement “Climate and Social Justice” organised the European Assembly for Climate Justice. Over 250 climate justice activists, trade unionists, students, small farmers and people from other social and environmental movements from around Europe came to Brussels for 4 days of actions, discussions, workshops and debates. The aim of the Assembly was to build a movement that can put forward socially just answers to the climate crisis, in solidarity with those communities in the north and south who will be the hardest hit by the impacts of climate change.
See for a review of the event.
The organisers of the Assembly are keen to see another Assembly take place in Europe shortly before the Durban “COP 17″ UN climate conference in November 2011. This event would build on the foundations laid by the Assembly at the end of 2010, and provide a space for environmental and social movements to come together to take action, discuss strategies and make plans for building a movement for climate justice in Europe. It will also be a space to discuss the real solutions to climate change including rethinking the economy, urban planning, and our production and consumption of energy. 
The Belgian movements would be willing to organise an Assembly in Brussels on 18th to 20th November, one week before the start of the COP- to allow people to attend the Assembly who will also be travelling to the COP. But we would be happy to hear if there are other proposals. The groups making this call are also supporting the international demonstrations on climate change, on 3rd December.
If you, or your organisation, is interested in helping to organise the Assembly, or if you have suggestions for the date, location or programme, please get in touch via:


  1. I disagree with this! The whole global warming/ climate scam is just a means for the EU, The World bankers, and our corrupt governments and even energy suppliers to fleece us with needlessly high charges for energy and fuel. Even the oil companies are in favour of carbon taxes- it allows them to charge high prices and reap record profits.

    Cancun and Durban are nothing but undemocratic assemblies of the worlds elite designed to fleece the common man and make him energy poor. Don’t let them fleece you and pull the wool over your eyes!

    Carbon has nothing to do with climate and weather! That is a false theory, the truth is solar activity rules and the Earth is headed for a period of serious low solar activity and a mini Ice-age. We will need cheap energy just to keep warm and stay alive in the coming decades- and that means coal, oil, gas and nuclear. Wind and solar are next to useless in the UK, when a cold winter like last December sets in the turbines stop spinning and solar is neglible.

    Please, let’s get back to PROPER environmentalism! Save the trees, save our green spaces and forests, save natural habitats and species, stop the encroachment on the green belt!

    Climate Realist

  2. To the above person,

    Why don’t you go back and spend more time with the people who said that smoking was good for you and HIV doesn’t call AIDS, because they were the same group saying all these ridiculous things you’ve bought into. You’re entitled to your own opinion and we’re entitled to do something about what is actually happening. You’re wasting your time. Go back into your hole.

  3. Thx for comments & please be careful not to get ad hominem !

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