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London | April 9th – Network Meeting


People in Britain and around the world are acting against the failed market economy, which is in an unparalleled global crisis. They are rejecting undemocratic political authority and its power to impose cuts and the full burden of the recession. The courage and revolutionary mass actions of the workers, youth and professionals of North Africa and the Middle East show the way forward. They have organised popular people’s assemblies to overthrow dictators and demand a better future.

Saturday 9 April 1-5 pm Room MAL 509 | 5th Floor

Birkbeck College

Malet Street

London WC1E 7HX

Help build the People’s Assemblies Network in Britain at our planning event on April 9! We are building on the first Network event of December 11 and the decisions of the National Assembly for Education on January 30 and the European Assembly in Paris on February 13 to support assemblies.

The aim is to create new organisational structures that last beyond days of action, demonstrations and occupations. A network of People’s Assemblies can self-organise and seek to position themselves as a new, democratic power. This is surely the necessary next step if we are to move towards liberation beyond resistance.

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  1. Dear All,

    Here are the photos I took at Parliament in ‘The Case for Legal Aid: an Inquiry’ on 2 February for the Haldane Society.

    Furthermore, I was at the March on 26 March – the pictures are here:

    Ripon Ray

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